Referee courses

At the moment we are trying to plan a referee course in Berlin for some time in the coming weeks. . The course will be primarily aimed at our own Touch Berlin players but if possible we shall open the event to anyone who is interested. All players both new and experienced would benefit from the brief course as it should develop a better technical understanding of the game.

The short course is planned to last approx. 3hrs and will cover many topics including (but not limited to) the following…

  • Simplified Playing Rules for Touch
  • Basic Playing Rule Application
  • Basic Referee Equipment
  • Basic Referee Skills and Procedures
  • Basic Referee Signals

We are still in the planning stages but it is most likely that this will be the initial step towards gaining Level 1 Referee Status (with a final examination at this years Capital Cup, followed by medals etc).

Further details will be posted here as they develop.

Rob has kindly offered to make himself available for this course at certain times. Once the best time has been selected, he shall confirm and we shall carry out the course.

If you are interested please send us an email (

It is strongly encouraged that players try to take advantage of Rob's offer and partake in the course.