Tohoku Disaster Relief Information

Japan Tsunami/Earthquake

The recent disaster in North-Eastern Japan has devastated part of our adopted country and Tottori AJET is eager to help in whatever small way possible.

We will have donation boxes for the relief effort at all our upcoming events and have donated all proceeds from Tottori Idol to this cause. Please check back for details. We will be organizing more events in the summer and fall in an effort to raise donations.  In the meantime, please check out the links on the right for information on how to donate money or otherwise support this cause. 

If you haven't already done so, follow National AJET on Facebook. They are updating their page very regularly with news and information.

Our thoughts are with all affected by this terrible catastrophe.

Ways to Help

  • You can donate to Red Cross on iTunes. Apple will take no percentage of these donations.
  • To donate at Family Mart, follow these instructions:
    • go to the green kiosk that looks like an ATM.
    • Hit the 募金(bokin) button. It has a heart with Angel Wings
    • Hit the Japanese Red Cross button
    • Choose amount to donate
    • Hit OK, print receipt
    • Take receipt to cashier and pay there
    • Along the way there will be several confirmation screens. Just hit the OK button.
  • There are collection boxes at Marui and Jusco if you wish to donate cash.
  • The following three organisations are accepting donations for the relief effort and are working in the affected areas if you would prefer to donate online:
  • You can help by giving blood. Check here to ensure that you are eligible - the rules in Japan are very strict so many people will be unable to. If you can, see here for a list of places you can donate.
  • Register here to join a group offering accommodation to people displaced by the crisis. If you have a spare futon or space to house someone, there is a chance you could help. 
  • Displaced people will need clothes, futons, food and supplies. However donating stuff is more complicated than donating money. Governments in affected prefectures have asked that people do not donate things as they are difficult to distribute effectively. However, there was a collection in Yonago on March 13th/14th - this collection has since been closed as it was overloaded. If we receive news of other places to donate to, we will post it here.
  • Second Harvest Japan still requests food and supplies. See here for details.