Photo Courtesy: Dr Jan Lieser.
This site followed the science and voyage undertaken by Dr Leanne Armand (an invited scientist) from Macquarie University, on the U.S. Polar Expedition to the Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica, aboard the icebreaker Research Vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer, between January 27th to March 16th, 2014.
The site is no longer being updated.
The six-week voyage was lead by the Chief Scientist Professor Amy Leventer and was funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation's Polar program. The research conducted on the voyage focused on providing an understanding of the Totten Glacier's future as one of East Antarctica's largest glacial drainage basins. Some scientists on board mapped and surveyed the region and then took cores from the seafloor to recover evidence of past changes preserved in the sediments, others focused on studying the types of ocean water at the coast and also how it is circulating around Antarctica. Dr Armand looked at the living diatoms in the surrounding waters and also those fossilised in the sediments. She is currently working on the data collected from this mission, as are her colleagues, and the results of the study will be published in scientific journals and through public media releases from late 2014 and through 2015.

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Photo: Veronica Peralta
Artist: T.Sully / Engraver: R.W. Dodson
Source: Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Shrinking Cups 1 Armand
Photo: Leanne Armand.

splitcore sampling CADO (Armand)
 Photo: Leanne Armand.
Sailwx image of S.Ocean
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N.B. Palmer
Photo: Michael van Woert NOAA.

Killara Public School Emblem (Armand)
Photo: Leanne Armand.
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POES Satellite Courtesy NSIDC
Courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

 Photo: Leanne Armand.