Farm House

Our dream home Farm. (Kerala Agriculture) . Coconut Trees in Kerala , Coconut trees are essential to the traditional lifestyle and livelihood of the people of Kerala. The juice of the tender coconut is drunk fresh, the soft flesh of the tender coconut is eaten raw.
Cashewnut, The role of the Portuguese in bringing the cashewnut to Kerala and neighbouring states is best illustrated by the fact that, in Malayalam (the language of Kerala), it is still called 'Parangi Andi', meaning 'The Portuguese Nut'. Our dream home Farm. (Kerala Agriculture) . Mango is one of the important and popular fruit in kerala. Our dream home Farm. (Kerala Agriculture) Vegetable Garden . 

   Coconut Trees in Kerala

  Mango trees

  Cashewnut cultivation

  Vegetable Garden 

Our dream home photo 2013

Our dream home Farm. The orchids are worldwide in distribution with greater concentration in tropical and subtropical regions of high humidity.

Our dream home Farm

Our dream home Farm. (Kerala Agriculture).  Pepper, popularly known as black gold holds a prime position in the world of spices.The distribution pattern of pepper across various states of India showed the dominance of Kerala with 94.31% . Black pepper originated in Kerala. Pepper is a plant of humid tropics requiring adequate rainfall and humidity.