Questions and Answers

QUESTION: When did the band form?
ANSWER: 1984, not 1985 - I swear.

QUESTION: Who were the people behind this god-awful band?
ANSWER: (1984(?) to 1987)
                 VOCALS: Diane "Princess Die" Frost
                 GUITARS: (1984(?)-1986) Laura Maguire, (1986-1987) Vikki Stone
                 DRUMS: (1985(?)-1986) Robin Paradis, (1986-1987) J.K. Johnson
                 BASS: (1985(?)-1986) Jamie Winters, (1986-1987) Nikki Santos

                 (1989-ish to ...?) 
                I have no clue.

QUESTION: Who produced these albums?
Answer: Matt Brooks (a.k.a. erutplucs) produced "Manslayer" and Holger Schmidt produced "Ashes to Ashes".

QUESTION: Who wrote these songs?
ANSWER: Matt Brooks has been confirmed to write some of the songs for "Manslayer", including the titular song. As for "Ashes to Ashes", all the songs were written by Holger Schmidt and Peter Wannagat.

QUESTION: Why are your lyrics incomplete/incorrect?
ANSWER: A) I don't own the albums and B) actually interpreting these lyrics is quite difficult. You think I am kidding? Listen to Manslayer yourself: The other band also has this problem (to a somewhat lesser extent):

QUESTION: Where can I buy these albums?
ANSWER: You can lurk around EBay or your local vinyl store (if it is still alive), but these albums are very rare to come across, let alone finding a copy in new condition. You can download the albums easier than the actually buying them... I'm dead serious. But then again, neither of these bands are good, so you might as well get a Tenacious D CD right about now. Unlike either Thrash Queen, several other bands such as The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Sugar Loaf, the aforementioned Tenacious D, and many others are actually decent.

QUESTION: Where can I listen to these albums?
ANSWER: They were uploaded to YouTube, but the account was closed down. You can try finding a torrent or some other illegal download, but it isn't recommended. Then again, neither is buying the actual albums.

QUESTION: Are you sure the information is right?
ANSWER: It is very difficult to tell because both Thrash Queens are so obscure that they don't have a Wikipedia article... at all. Also, there is virtually no print information I can track down to verify this information.

QUESTION: Were there any interviews?
ANSWER: At least two; one in a very early issue (either 1 or 2) of Slayer (a magazine) and another in Issue 14 of Rock Hard (another magazine).

QUESTION: How am I supposed to contact you?
ANSWER: Through my e-mail address (katae<>the<>weirdo<> (Remove the <>'s and #'s)) or by sending a personal message to my YT account (which is... kataetheweirdo).