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Behind the Scenes


Our story begins with two people - Diane "Princess Die" Frost and a (male) business "partner" of hers, Matt Brooks. The two were friends...sort of...and frequently went to various bars in Manchester, NH, such as "The Place" and "The Cabash." They got drunk and did wild things most people would do back in those days. 

Diane really like (possibly loved) Matt, but he did not really seem to notice this and Diane just settled for the "friends" thing. Matt had his own band at the time, "Hunter1." Realizing that having one band is too self-serving, he decided to form another band (and a record label) once he realized he could use State money to create his own record label. He received said state money due to a car accident that Matt got injured in (both of his legs were completely crippled because of this accident though). So, Matt gathered a couple of bandmates from "Hunter" and decided to form "Killerfoxx." (git it?)

Landslide Records was also formed, but they changed the name to "Lansylde Records" when they were informed of a trademark infringement toward another company named "Landslide Records."

Around the same time period, Metallica was rising to fame and many other thrash metal bands. Matt realized that there were no significant (or rather, there were no) female thrash metal bands. Ergo, "Thrash Queen" was born.

Diane subtly, but surely, became hostile toward Matt once production of the album began. Diane would end the relationship once Matt started dating the band's drummer, Robyn Paradis. Robyn knew of a guitar player, Laura Maguire, and decided to bring her over. The three ladies who were in the band then found a bass player.

Laura eventually became Matt's wife, only to divorce him a year later.

The reason behind the god-awful production of this album is that was recorded on a "Studiomaster" 4-track cassette. Guitars were recorded through a microphone with a 4x12 cab tied to a Toyota. On top of that, the sound was not mastered at all.
"Manslayer" was recorded and mixed at Lanslyde Studios, located in Manchester, NH (appropriately enough).

1It should be noted that there are other bands with this name - they do not have any relation to the Hunter mentioned here.