Behind the Scenes


Metal Enterprises is a rock/heavy metal label formed in 1982 by Ingo Nowotny. Their first album published was "After the Bomb" by Hammer's Rule (1985), which is a surprisingly good album. But for the most part, their records just are not good... at all. This particular album was produced by Holger Schmidt, who also went under the name "Karl Kraftlos".

For whatever reason, Lanslyde Records decided to distribute their albums to Europe through Metal Enterprises, including Thrash Queen's Manslayer.

Desperate for some sort of follow-up to the band (for some reason), Holger decided to gather up a band of studio musicians and recorded this turd of an album. At this point, the band had already dissolved, so he had to record the album the way you hear it now.

The album was not released in the United States, as Lanslyde Records (not to be confused with Landslide Records) only sold the rights for the the label in Europe to Metal Enterprises.

"Ashes to Ashes" was recorded and mixed at Tanit / Woodland Studios.