Welcome the ONLY website on the face of the Earth dedicated to Thrash Queen. Ever wanted to hear horrifically bad music? Well, you are in luck because this site is dedicated to a really, really bad band. So bad it's in the music subection of the "So Bad, It's Horrible" article on TV Tropes (look under "Albums" if you don't believe me).

In 1984, the band was formed as an all-woman heavy metal band. They released one album during their lifespan, "Manslayer", which received virtually no positive reception whatsoever due to its nonexistent production value and lousy performance. Even I admit the songs are fairly terrible.  Where are they now? ...I honestly don't know, but I think they dissolved in 1987. 

There is also another album with their name called "Ashes to Ashes." It was released in the early nineties by Metal Enterprises. However, this was made by a different set of people and sounds completely different to "Manslayer." As you might have guessed, this is the only album produced by them.

Today, there are other all-women bands that do heavy metal WAY better than these women ever did.

The moral here? Just because you can form a band doesn't mean you should. Also, just because you can make a metalsploitation album doesn't mean you should.

Sorry if there isn't much information, but I am honestly unsure if this band is even real. =P

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