inserting images in forms

Instructions for inserting images in Google forms 
  1. Create a new form.
  2. View the form and "view page source" (this can be done by right-clicking in Google Chrome - all browsers will allow you to view the source but may use different processes)
  3. Select all and copy and paste the source code into an html editor or text file.
  4. Find where you want your images and either use the wysiwyg editor of your software to insert your image or find the location in the text file and place your "img src=" tag - here's the format to use:
                <img src="URL">

        5. Create a Google Site on which to place your form.
        6. Insert an HTML box on a page on the site.
        7. Paste your new code which includes the image into this box and save the page.
        8. The form will now work within your new Google Site and you should see your image.

Inserting images from Drive