Mushroom Madness 3 is a fun and addicting tower defense-style action game where you have to defend your mushroom patch against a whole host of critters using a huge arsenal of weapons. Dozens of little animals have entered your garden – hedgehogs, snakes, bats, owls, even bears, and they’ve all got one thing on their mind – stealing your delicious mushrooms! You have to stop them by any means possible – guns, bombs, mines, traps, even whacking them with a frying pan will do! Just make sure they don’t escape with your magnificent mushrooms!

This fast-paced tactical strategy game will really test your quick reactions, as there are literally dozens of creatures trying to pilfer your mushroom patch in each level. Careful planning is required as you have to decide which weapons to use, and when to bring out the big guns. Are you ready to stop these pesky thieves from ruining your garden, Oh Great Mushroom Defender? Good, it’s time to send these hungry invaders packing!

How to Play: In each of the 15 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to defend your mushroom patches against the invading horde of animals. Depending on the level, you usually have multiple mushroom patches with three or four mushrooms in each. Once you have fended off all of the animals, you must have at least one mushroom remaining to progress. You have a large array of weapons to stop the troublesome creatures with. You start off with just an old shoe, but gradually upgrade to guns, bombs, and even a ‘Nuke’ for when things get desperate in the field!

Defending your mushrooms is all about point-and-click. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to aim your weapon, and Left Click to select / fire. As you progress, you pick up larger and more powerful guns. When these run out of ammo, you go back to your default whacking weapon, which can be a shoe, tennis racket, frying pan etc. You can purchase upgrades to your weapons in the ‘Shop’ after each level. Use Gold Coins earned to upgrade attributes like damage done, bomb blast radius, and more ammo etc. For larger weapons like bombs and traps, click on their icons along the bottom of the game screen, then click on the position you want to drop them. If an animal has managed to grab one of your mushrooms, an exclamation point ( ! ) appears above them. Catch and eliminate them before they get away to return that mushroom to the patch.

Tip: Unlock Bonus Levels like ‘Survival’ and ‘Animal Rush’ by completing levels flawlessly and earning Gold Stars. These Bonus Levels focus on specific parts of the game such as all-out defense, and are extremely good fun.