Totem Flute Blanket Description & Care

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Each TOTEM FLUTE BLANKET is custom made to hold up to fifteen (15) NA style flutes which includes eleven (11) large/medium pockets and four (4) small flute pockets. Included is a tethered draw string bag to hold blocks and ties, loops are sewn into the top fringe to be displayed as a wall hanging. Two different sizes will be offered to hold up to 28" flutes or up to 31" flutes.
The blanket offers a comfortable carrying strap long enough for over the shoulder, across the shoulders, or as a back pack. There are two side-release buckle straps for ease of closure.
Totem & Southwest Designs: Each canvas banner and stenciled fringed trim is hand-painted in acrylic with unique Native American and Southwestern motifs. The pocket flaps are detailed with Southwestern style German silver buttons. (Use links below to view paintings & blankets.)

Painting and Fabric Care:  The painting was given a thin clear coat of acrylic. Cleaning can be done gently with a damp cloth. Outer upholstery fabric, fleece pockets, and trim have not been treated with a protector. If you consider using a fabric protector spray do not spray the painting or fringed trim. Do not machine launder your flute blanket. Dry cleaning is not recommended.


Materials Description:
Outer fabric - Varying weights of upholstery
Inner fabric pockets - medium weight fleece
Filling - Poly-fil batting, doubled
Pockets trimmed a variety of colors