Totara College of Accelerated Learning

High Expectations:

We hold high expectations for our students, as expressed in our vision, and detailed within the skill rubrics. This is matched by clear and high expectations in terms of attitudes and behaviours.


Treaty of Waitangi:

We acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the bicultural foundations of New Zealand. The culture and rudiments of te reo Maori me ona tikanga are taught for Yr 1-8 and Yr 9-13 have the opportunity to learn te reo Maori me ona tikanga if they wish.


Cultural diversity:

We acknowledge the cultural diversity we have in New Zealand and in particular here at school. The richness of cultural diversity is acknowledged as God given and as such seek to value all people.



We believe every student that comes to our school is important in Gods economy and therefore is important to us. We hold to all students being treated equally whatever their disability, sex or race. Each child is valued and their abilities and talents recognized.


Learning to learn:

We encourage students to reflect on their own learning practices and to learn how to learn. This is particularly true of our ACE program where students are encouraged to, and are indeed trained to be responsible for their own learning. Also our Inquiry Model of teaching trains the students to think about what they are learning.


Community engagement:

We hold to the value of community. The family is the first teachers of their children. We are only an arm that helps in that training. As such, we engage the support of the community within the learning areas. This provides for transition from primary to secondary and from secondary to the workforce.


Future focus:

We encourage students to look to the future not just the present. Christianity is our Special Character so we want students to look to Christ who holds the future for those who believe.


Reaching our God

 given potential:



 socially and