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Rich Editor

The "Total Text environment" has a powerful rich text editor whereby you can place any important or random information.

Other Functions include....
Color Coding
Webpage linking
Email Linking
Grep Search
Syntax Highlighter

Dictionary List.
Press CTRL+Spacebar (The first time TTC starts and the first time you start the dictionary list it will have a load delay)

Richedit HyperLinking
Current existing hyperlink methods.
www.goto.#    (# = The Tree Items ID.)
  Ex. www.goto.32 (will take you to the "Documents" item in the "Archive"))
  Ex. www.goto.16 (will take you to the "Movies" item in the "Catalog"))
www.goto.# (# = The directory structure of the Item) This Method is alot faster but will not work once that item has been moved out of location!
  Ex. <www.goto.Total Text Container\Contacts\Contact Listing\> (will take you to the "List of Contacts" item in the "Contacts"))

www.file.# (This will run a local or network file with its associated application. The filename including the filepath, Use <> to include spaces. Use | for local path)
  Ex. <www.file.|ReadmeTTC.txt>
  Ex. <www.file.C:\WINDOWS\win.ini>
  Ex. <www.file.C:\WINDOWS\system32\sndvol32.exe>

Syntax colorizing
Easily colorize selected text into any of the sytnax highlights.

Quick Paste From Clipboard
A Document can be set as a quick repository to paste any info from the clipboard with out having TTC open
For instance....
Lets say you take a snap shot of a image or you quickly just want to add info from the clipboard with out opening TTC, all you would need todo is right click the TTC Tray Icon and click on the "Quick paste From Clipboard" and it will add it to the linked Document.

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