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Finding Space

Current list of potential spaces

Proposed Requirements for our space.
I've reorganized the suggestions into rudimentary requirements.  I think that the next step is to prioritize the requirements and then to compare potential spaces against those requirements.

  • Organization of space
    • Multiple rooms including space for:
      • Woodworking space (ventilation and no AC)
      • Fabrication space
      • Electronics shop
      • Office space (A/C)
      • Art space
        • Space for a kiln and associated equipment/storage
      • Training Space (A/C)
        • Video projector
        • White boards
      • Server Room? (A/C) - Dave has some server rack stuff he can throw down
        • We can get some serious server equipment from the FSU surplus auctions
        • We can also get stuff for free from state agency surplus.  Becoming a 501(c)3 will help us in this regard.
      • Electrical/Networking closet
      • Secured chemical storage
      • Library/parts room for community documentation and materials
      • Secured Private storage - old school lockers?
      • Kitchen  
  • Utilities and Infrastructure
    • Three phase electric
    • High-speed internet access
    • Access Control System (we can install this later, as one of our first maker projects)
    • Video Surveillance System (also something we can install...) - Dave has a donor system as a start.
  • Location
    • Reasonable parking (6-10 parking spaces)
    • Not overly sketchy location
    • Centrally Located (If possible)
      • Bike/Walking distance from center of town (Monroe and Tennessee) and Universities
    • Location that is close to RRSq to enable inclusion in First Friday events (marketing, public exposure, membership development)

The tools and equipment we want and/or have available to the effort
  • General
    • Compressor
    • Data switch
    • WAP
    • 5 and 12V power available throughout the space
    • Video projector
  • Computer Shop
    • Servers
    • Network Equipment - Dave has some server rack stuff he can throw down
    • Workstations PCs or Laptops (Nathan - I have a few machines from the Digital Divide lying around)
  • Fabrication Shop
    • 3d Printer (Maker-bot or similar)
    • Vacuum Former
    • Vacuum Pump (for working with composites like fiberglass & carbon fiber)
    • Laser cutter
  • Woodworking Shop
    • CNC Mill (Hobbyist grade)
    • Laser engraver (hey its a wish list)
    • Woodworking Lathe
    • Band saw
    • Table saw
    • Belt Sander
    • Assorted Rotary tools (dremel,etc...)
  • Hardware Shop
      • Soldering stations/vacuum desoldering tools, hot air tools for SMD's
      • Soldering irons, arduinos, basic electronics and robotics equipment (Nathan)
    • Equipment for printing and etching circuit boards
    • O-scope
    • Precision power supplies
  • Metal Shop
    • Metalworking Lathe
    • Welding Equipment
    • Assorted grinders
  • Art Shop
    • Kiln
    • Air Brush
  • Kitchen
If you have something and are willing to contribute to the cause, put your name beside it. Please add to these lists as you see fit.

Please, if you disagree with an item just strike-through instead of deleting it. This way we can discuss next time we get together.