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Library Connection

posted Mar 24, 2012, 3:13 PM by gregory cohen
I was mistaken at the meeting, the libraries are county owned. On Thursday I talked to County Commissioner Brian Deloge (sp?) and on his request followed up with links about other maker shops around the country, and two articles about how maker shops should be part of a public library as well as an idea of what we would like to do. I spoke to him on Friday Night (I ran into him in a restaurant) and he said he got the e-mail and would get back to us shortly.  He is concerned that free or discounted space would set a precedent that they would have to offer such space to other non-profits. I said this could easily be a proper part of the library or a specific non-profit designed for library support, and that should take care of the issue. I have not heard back on this point yet. There are obvious advantages in being connected to the library, such as using their band width.

This brings up a point, if we want to work with the county/city/schools, we really need to keep the term Hacker out of the vernacular, as we are using it in its true definition, and not in the popular media one.

Fab Lab is great, I still like collective :)