Training Philosophy

     When we learn in a positive, rewarding way, we bring more joy into our lives and are eager to participate in the learning process. So it goes with our beloved dogs as well. The training you have in place, and the relationship you have with your dog, determines how happily you live together and how successful you are as a team - whatever you may choose to do together.
      My positive, reward based training techniques focus on that close and loving bond with your dog and mutual respect for each other. I teach the dog/human teams the skills they need to be successful with FUN and joy.  Humans learn to be calm, confident, compassionate leaders. Many things that are good for training dogs are good for humans as well;  patience, focus, consistency, and deep breathing to name a few.
      It is important to balance the needs of both humans and our wonderful dog companions. (They are still a different species - as human as they may seem at times.)  We must remember that we are in a two way relationship with our dogs and make a commitment to be there for them as much as they are here for us. They are not just some item that we own, and put in the corner until we want to interact with them. We don't actually "own" them at all. They are our most loyal friends and companions and we are responsible for their welfare.
      If we humans could do unconditional love one millionth as well as as our dogs, this would be a great planet to live on.  My goal in life is to be the person my dog thinks I am.
Dogs are our hearts outside of us.
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