Day Care and Boarding
Day Care and the Deluxe Doggie Vacation with Auntie Akira - (Boarding) - is offered in our home.  Go to Gallery and click on Playtime for photos of doggie fun!
Day Care:   Under 4 hrs. $10        4.1 - 9 hours $20      Over 9 hours - $5 extra per hour
Drop off: 9:00 am or later,  (some flexibility)
Pick up your dog until 8:00 pm (occasionally later)
Boarding:  Dogs must be 5 months of age or older. $30 per calendar day    
You provide food and bring their bed and leash.    E-mail us to receive the required boarding form.
Rabies vaccination must be current.   Distemper/Parvo required if dog is 5 years old or younger.
Dogs must be basically healthy, completely potty trained (which includes holding it through the night) and very friendly with other dogs.
They must definitely be free of ticks, fleas, worms etc. otherwise there will be an extra $120 charge and they may be required to leave immediately.

If we have not met your dog, then at least one day care visit is required to make sure that all goes well and it is a good match for all of us.

 Extremely loving care and tons of doggie fun in a family setting!

Call for details of the wonderful care that is provided for your furry family member!
Akira   466-2108
   Animal Communication

        All Species of Beloved Friends  -   Connect with Heart and Mind   

    Talking with animals is part of the Ancient Wisdom of the planet. It is done from the heart and taps into the connection that we All Are. Every Being has its own energy pattern or frequency. So, connecting with a particular animal is done by opening your heart and tuning into their unique, individual frequency - sort of like tuning into a specific radio station. Energy radiates infinitely from every Being, so, one can "tune in" to anyone from anywhere. (No need to be physically present)  Akira's sessions involve communication, and sometimes healing energy if that is what comes forth.
    Animal Communication, with any type of animal, is a great way for you to deeply connect with that animal and can be particularly useful for training/behavioral issues.  Also you may have specific questions, or information you want to relay to them. Plus, it's just plain fun to know what they're thinking!
    The sessions are done by e-mail or phone with an initial phone conversation, so please include your number. I will need a picture of your animal and questions for them. (or something you want to say to them)   
Please don't include what you think the answers might be!  It is best for me to contact the animal without any preconceived ideas.    
            Cost:  $60 / hour  by phone or email.   Pro-rated for longer or shorter time frames.     Minimum $20

     Sessions NOT currently being offered but will be in the future. Stay tuned.
         Contact Akira for more information or to schedule sessions.


Private Training
Special Needs or Crazy Schedules?
This is particularly beneficial  because the lessons are tailored to your exact needs. It is a great option for those who have dogs with injuries or health issues, for people with crazy schedules or multiple dog households. It is usually extremely helpful to be (and practice) in the home environment to utilize the best training solutions possible.
        Cost: $60 per hour  (includes tax, and travel time up to one hour round trip)     

***Classes are currently NOT being offered. If you are interested in a class, please e-mail me for info on future options.***
6 Week Classes for only $90!
All prices include tax!      
1).  For class you will need: a harness if you have one, a flat buckle collar - NO CHOKE CHAINS! - soft treats either pre cut or ones  that can be pinched off into VERY SMALL bites, and a regular 6 foot leash.  You may also bring an extendable leash in addition if desired.
2).  ***  Bring vaccination records to first class regardless of which course you sign up for. Parvo/Distemper and Rabies (dogs over 4 months old) must be current.  ***
3).  Please register in advance. 

Obedience Training: 6 week courses  
This course is for puppies and beginners - dogs and pet parents - of any age, (the oldest dog I ever had in this type class was 12 years old), and covers the basics such as socialization skills, coming when called, leash training, no jumping, no biting, sit, stay, leave it, and more. (About 14 things in all). Bring puppy after he's 10 weeks old and has at least 2 sets of puppy shots.  Multiple human members of the family are welcome, too!  Vaccination paperwork is required.

For those who have completed the Beginner course (or equivalent)  and want to keep going.  You'll learn some new things as well as "perfecting" the basics.  Focus is on working with added distractions, and new skills, to be more successful in real life situations.  The better trained your dog is, the "funner" stuff you can do with them!   Vaccination paperwork required.

Learn advanced skills such as:  working from a distance,  extremely advanced stay / leave it variations,  more challenging recalls,  games,  tricks etc.  
 Vaccination paperwork required.
Extra Fun Classes!
           Musical Manners  
           Use basic skills like walking, sit, stay, recall  etc. along with tricks - most very simple -   and put them to music.  
           Neither you nor you dog need to know how to dance!!  (But if you are  inclined to be a dancy sort, then go for It!) 
           Dogs with focus issues usually do  VERY well in this class as you interact with them in a different way than
           regular obedience class.  TONS of FUN and a great way to  bond with your dog as 
           well as amaze  your friends!
           Minimum prerequisite:  Your dog must be able to sit.   As always, current vaccinations required.
            Tricks and Trips   Have lots of fun teaching your old, or new, dog cool tricks.  Dogs
            should be able to at least sit and pretty much focus on their handlers prior to attending
            this class. There will be a few very local trips to help dogs have positive experiences
            and practice skills in different environments. As always, vaccinations must be current.
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Contact Us to register.


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