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Totally Awesome Dogs! LLC specializes in positive rewards dog training in Santa Fe and the Eldorado area of New Mexico. Deluxe Doggie Daycare and Boarding are available by appointment. Animal Communication Sessions are done by e-mail or by phone.  

     We teach you and your dog through enjoyable private lessons.   Dog/human teams are taught with positive, reward based methods - NO harsh corrections. True success comes from the relationship you have with your dog. You will learn how to become a calm, confident leader and train your dog in a way that is loving, compassionate and FUN!  This will have them practically begging you to "work" with them. 
Classes are NOT currently being offered.
        Private Lessons 
             Multiple dog households - same price!

Animal Communication 
     All Species of Beloved Friends    Connect with Heart and Mind

    Sessions NOT currently offered but will be available in the future.     

    GIFT CERTIFICATES                     AVAILABLE! 


 Cash, Paypal and checks are  gladly accepted!  
Please make all checks payable to:  Totally Awesome Dogs!


Dogs are our hearts outside of us.

Great websites to check out:
Looking to adopt a new best friend? 
Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary -
Bridging the Worlds
Espanola Humane Society
Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society


Here are Shmoopsie and baby Samantha
Rosie says  "Welcome to my house - glad to meet you!"


Make a special connection with any animal.

It's so nice to have a friend to snuggle with!



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