How a healthy detox diet will protect against compromised immunity
Liver colon and total bodydetox - why we need them

Following a healthy diet is very important to your health, as we know only too well. But with the amount of toxins and chemicals in the every day products that we use and eat, it's getting harder and harder for our body's natural detox system to cope. 

Owing to this, more people are including a detox diet in their health program on a 2 or 3 monthly cycle. The benefits of these body detox programs are usually more long term, but can provide short term benefits with things like skin conditions, asthma and problem complexions.

Canadian researcher Hans Selye found back in the 1940's that when a person is exposed to a new toxin they have not encountered before, they respond with physiological shock. Blood flow to the area is decreased while the body works out how to deal with the toxin and adapts to it. When the system is overloaded with new toxins, the adaptation process is less successful and a range of symptoms can set in. Selye noted an increase in allergies, psoriasis, arthritis and asthma, plus hormone fluctuations and mental problems ranging from depression to learning difficulties.

While your body is struggling with a range of day-to-day toxins, the immune system can become compromised, making you more prone to picking up opportunistic infections, such as colds, flu and herpes cold sores. If you feel you get more than your fair share of bugs, it might be worth thinking about taking steps to reduce your toxic load and looking into some natural detoxification diets.

If the whole idea of a detox diet is new to you, here's a few sites you may lik eto check out that cover the basic of what a detox diet should accomplish, how your body's natural detox system works, with some simple detox diet tips to help get ypu started.