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[Last Updated: June 2008]


10/2004 - present    LG Electronics Mobile Research, USA

Staff System Engineer with Patent Management

11/2003 - 09/2004    University of California, Los Angeles

Research Fellow, Wireless Media Lab.


01/2002 - 04/2002   Harris Corporation

Software Engineer, Broadcast Division

08/2000 - 08/2001    LinkAir Communication (USA), Inc.

System Engineer, System Group

12/1998 - 06/1999    Lucent Technologies of Shanghai

Research Engineer, Research & Development Group

Published US Patent Applications

20080089354    Bandwidth-Efficient Control and Bitmap Signaling Using …    

20080089281    Method of Efficiently Utilizing Resources In A Wireless 

20080084841    Method of Utilizing Resource Efficiently in A Reverse Link …

20070286238    Method of Configuring Multiuser Packet and A Structure …

20070286226    Method of Acknowledgement Signal in A Wireless   

20070286105    Method of Transmitting Data by Utilizing Resources in Hybrid … 

20070270170   Method of Implementing Superposition Coding for A Forward Link … 

20070268977   Method of Utilizing and Manipulating Wireless Resources for …  

20070268975   Method and Structure of Configuring Preamble to Support   

20070072550   Method and Apparatus for Mitigating Multiuser Access Interference 

20070071073   Method and Apparatus for Interference Cancellation

20070070954   Method of Transmitting Data in Cellular Networks Using   

20070070945   Method and Apparatus for Channel Estimation 

20070057767   Method of Providing Notification for Battery Power Conservation in … 

20070195907    Method of Transmitting and Receiving Data Using Superposition … 

20070201437    Method of Transmitting At Least One Sub-packet Based on …

20070183432    Method for Performance Enhancement in A Cell Edge Region

20070173278    Fast Power Control Step-Size Adaptation

20070086537    A Method of Identifying A Space-Time Encoded Signal in A …

20070086405    Method And Apparatus of Preprocessing for Frequency Domain … 

20070076682    Acess Probe Randomization for Wireless Communication System


Recent Contributions to 3GPP2

3GPP2 C00-NTAH-20080218-006    Precoded OFDM for BCMCS Evolution

3GPP2 C00-NTAH-20071008-009    On Enhancing Layered Modulations

3GPP2 C00-NTAH-20070827-008    OFDM Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction

3GPP2 C00-NTAH-20070827-010    Cooperative communications using relays

3GPP2 C00-20070723-036    Next Possible Works in TSG-C           

3GPP2 C00-20060327-036    UMB Phase 2 Framework Proposal

3GPP2 C00-20060220-001    Digging Wireless Channel Capacity

3GPP2 C00-20051222-001    The Feasibility of Forward-Link Interference Cancellation

3GPP2 C30-20080331-016    UMB TDD Framework Proposal Update

3GPP2 C30-20080331-017    Zone Based TDD Operation

3GPP2 C30-20080218-017    UMB TDD Framework Proposal

3GPP2 C30-20070514-028    Updated Layered Modulation Rotation Angle Table

3GPP2 C30-20070508-009    Layered Modulation Rotation Angle Table

3GPP2 C30-20070410-001    Text for Enhanced Layered Modulation

3GPP2 C30-20070326-011    Equivalent SNR Approach for Evaluating Hier. Modulation

3GPP2 C30-20070206-005    Capacity of Hierarchical Modulation

3GPP2 C30-20070206-004    Enhanced Hierarchical Modulation Updated

3GPP2 C30-20070201-002    Enhanced Hierarchical Modulation

3GPP2 C30-20060327-015    Phase 2 Framework Proposal

3GPP2 C30-20060424-025    An Unified Air Interference of OFDM and MC-CDM

3GPP2 C30-20060424-026    Comments On Interference-Over-Thermal

3GPP2 C30-20060911-038    LGE SBC Performance

3GPP2 C30-20060731-031    Indoor and Outdoor OFDM Symbol Formats and Designs

3GPP2 C30-20060731-032    Indoor and Outdoor OFDM Symbol Formats Text

3GPP2 C30-20060522-028    LGE’s update on framework proposal


Recent Contributions to FLO forum

FLOforum2008.082.00            More explanations on the precoded OFDM 

FLOforum2008.081.01            Some clarifications on the equivalent SNR approach 

FLOforum2008.076.00            Equivalent SNR

FLOforum2008.075.00            More explanations on overloaded/precoded OFDM

FLOforum2008.037.00            LG’s response to Qualcomm’s comments on the CCSH

FLOforum2008.036.00            On the backward compatibility of the layered modulation

FLOforum2008.028.00            Simulation Results for Enhanced Layered Modulations

FLOforum2008.027.01            A Comment on FLO v2.0

FLOforum2008.017.01            Precoded OFDM for enhancing FLO layered transmission

FLOforum2008.016.02            Code Combining Soft handoff for FLO v2.0


Recent Contributions to IEEE 802.16m

IEEE C802.16m-08/052          Frame Structure for IEEE 802.16m

IEEE C802.16m-08/050          Flexible Frame Structures for TDD and Relay Operations

IEEE C802.16m-07/231          Enhanced Hierarchical Modulation for IEEE 802.16m

IEEE C802.16m-07/275          Space Time Coding (STC) with Antenna Selection

IEEE C802.16m-07/274          Cooperative Communications with Relays

IEEE C802.16m-07/273          Macro Diversity Handoff with FFR and Coding

IEEE C802.16m-07/272          Zone-based Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS)

IEEE C802.16m-07/271          Zone-based MBS with Cooperative Relays

IEEE C802.16m-07/234          Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction For OFDM

IEEE C802.16m-07/233          Quasi-Orthogonal Multicarrier CDMA with IC

IEEE C802.16m-07/232          Complementary Coding Combining for OFDM

IEEE C802.16m-07/231          Enhanced Hierarchical Modulations

IEEE C802.16m-07/230          Superimposed High Rate Space-Time Block Coding