Location Based Services for Mobiles
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Location based services (LBS) for mobile are the services supported by cellular networks for providing mobile users with various location sensitive applications such as E911, Friendfinder, personalized advertisement, etc. LBS accelerate the convergence of 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics). One aspect of LBS market is the rapid growth of GPS market, which is predicted to reach $28.9 billion by 2010 by GPS World. It is believed that LBS is bringing huge revenue opportunities for wireless network operators and service providers. The driving force behind of the growth of LBS market includes regulator’s mandates, the development of more efficient location technologies and the expanding of LBS from network operator to third service provider.

In this tutorial, the state of art of mobile location based services (LBS) will be explored in terms of technologies, standards and implementations. There are five major parts in this proposed tutorial. Within the first part, an introduction to LBS is presented along with an overview of the growing LBS market. Two examples of LBS, E911 and telematics, are emphasized. In the second part, LBS from a network operator perspective is discussed with a survey of wireless location technologies, the exploration of location management in cellular network, and LBS standards activities. The architecture and operation of the network-dependent LBS control plane of cdma2000 and UMTS networks are reviewed, respectively. In the third part, the IP-based LBS user plane is discussed from a service provide perspective. An overview of the related standards by OMA and 3GPP2 is given and the principles of LBS user plane are illustrated from multiple application scenarios. Finally, the further works and standard activities for LBS are presented.

In summary, this tutorial is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of mobile LBS for a wide array of audiences, including LBS services providers, application developers, marketing managers and system researchers, etc. It includes not only the background information but also standards activities.


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