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Upgrade and Hack Dell SC420 (incomplete)

Dell SC420 is a entry-level server I bought in 2004. It came with Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 1GB 533MHz DDR2 memory and 60GB SATA. It is a pretty solid PC. However, it is not powerful enough for any video intensive work, not say gaming. ...>

Mobile TV: Technologies and Standards

How to Deliver Layer-Coded Contents: An I.T. Perspective (incomplete)

Broadcast multicast service (BCMCS) has been increasingly popular for delivering multimedia contents to mobile users. BCMCS can be implemented either through a dedicated digital broadcast infrastructure such as DVB-T/H/S2, MediaFLO and DMB ...>

What An Engineer Needs to Know About Patent

Patent Law FAQ

If you need help with any patent related question, you may contact me at officepatentlaw@gmail.com. I may provide you some personal opinions with no charge and no obligation. 

N-GPS: Network Assisted GPS

GPS based positioning plays a critiical role in modern location based services. Assisted GPS (A-GPS) with assistance server were first come out by Bell Labs and later developed to enhance the positioning performance of a GPS receiver and satisfy US FCC's E911 mandate.  ...>

[Contribution: IEEE 802.16m Mobile WiMAX September 2008 meeting, Kobe, Japan]


Location Based Services for Mobiles: Technologies and Standards

Location based services (LBS) for mobile are the services supported by cellular networks for providing mobile users with various location sensitive applications such as E911, Friendfinder, personalized advertisement, etc. LBS accelerate the convergence of 3C ...>

[Tutorial, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2008, Beijing, China]

[Tutorial, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

Analysis of Hierarchical Modulations

Broadcast multicast service (BCMCS) has increasingly been popular for delivering multimedia content to mobile users. Traditional digital broadcast air interfaces are designed with the tradeoff between maximum achievable rate and intended coverage in mind. ... >

[Publication: IEEE Globecom 2008 Optimizing Enhanced Hierarchical Modulations, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA]

[Contribution, 3GPP2 Next Generation Technologies Ad Hoc Group (NTAH) 2007, Long Beach, California, USA]

MIMO Relay with Imperfect Feedback

Multi-antenna systems have received much attention over the last decades, due to their promise of higher spectrum efficiency with no transmit power increase. Combining multiantenna transceiver with relay network is essential not only to provide comprehensive coverage but...>

[Publication: IEEE WCNC 2008: On The Feedback Channel for MIMO Beamforming, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

[IEEE Globecom 2007: On MIMO Relay with Finite-Rate Feedback and Imperfect Channel Estimation, Washington DC, USA]

Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction for OFDM

With the upcoming deployment of wideband wireless network with throughput greater than 100Mbps over high frequency bands such as 5-GHz band and the adopting of multicarrier modulations, more and more challenges are brought to system and hardware design. ...>

[Contribution, 3GPP2 Next Generation Technologies Ad Hoc Group (NTAH) 2007, Long Beach, California, USA]

Toward Forward Link Interference Cancellation

CDMA system capacity is known to be interference-limited since the same spectrum is shared by many users and there exists near-far problem due to multiple access interference (MAI). Multiuser receiver is highly regarded as one of the promising interference mitigation techniques ...>

[Presentation, CDMA Development Group (CDG) Technology Forum 2006, San Francisco, California, USA]

[Contribution, 3GPP2 Air Interface Evolution Ad Hoc Group (AIE) 2005, Maui, Hawaii, USA]

An Introduction to Radion Frequency Identification (RFID)

The contactless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology holds promise for object tracking, supply chain, smart payment and security management. At the early of this year 2004, Gillette purchased 500 million radio frequency ID tags from Alien Technology ...>

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