Set As StartUpPages - An Extension for Firefox

We browse umpteen number of sites/pages across the internet everyday.  If you like them and you want to keep the selection as startup pages for your browser (FF), you have to change the options manually.

 I thought (as most people feel) it was not convenient and so I ventured to make it as simple extension.  "Set as StartUp Pages" is one such simple and profound extension which would let you set the startup pages with a simple button click from your status bar.

How it works?

1. Install the extension.

2. Restart the browser instance.

3. You will find a button "Set Homepage(s)" in statusbar.

4. Browse across pages in as many tabs you want.

5. Click the button to set them as startup pages.

6. An alert message would confirm the above step.

7. Clicking on 'Home' icon, you can see the implementation.


For next release:

1. Option to  set the pages just on mouse right click.

2. Help page with instructions.

3. To improvise the alert/confirmation message.

Note:  I would like to get your feedback before I submit to Mozilla Add-ons repository.

 RoR useful downloads 

Download Ruby Resources

RoR Course Structure
What is Ruby?
Learn through Examples
Installing Ruby
Ruby simple examples & String Class  

View Ruby Resources @ Scribd 

RoR Course Structure
What is Ruby?
Learn through Examples
Installing Ruby
Ruby simple examples & String Class


RoR Workshop @ Hyderabad 

I am planning for a workshop on Ruby on Rails introductory level. The agenda of the workshop is

  • to introduce the Ruby on Rails
  • MVC Architecture
  • ActiveRecord
  • ActionController
  • ActionView
  • ActionMailer
  • Pagination
  • Ajax
  • Rails demo with project

For more details about the venue and organisation details, visit Twincling.
More about the workshop will be updated through the posts, keep watching :-)



RoR relevance to Startups 

The barcamp5 hosted by Google Engineering Hyderabad :)

Many bloggers had already spoken their part about the proceedings through live blogging.

In brief, there was bit chaos on arranging things, running the talks/session parallely, and finally it was more like session with less user participation (devitation from what usual BarCamp famous for!!!)

Sumanth Krishna @ Ruby on Rails Conferences/Communities

I wanted to present on my favorite Ruby on Rails and since BarCamp is the place where lot of young minds, entrepreneurs... assemble. So I related it (RoR) to Startups and on "Ruby on Rails relevance to Startup's". I started the session post lunch around 3PM. I did present my views on very well about the startups and when the slides related to Ruby on Rails started, I just carried away more in explaining the details of RoR.

Slides: "RoR relevance to Startups" @ Google sponsored BarCamp5 :)

Please feel free to enhance/comment on the presentation.
I am planning for a Workshop on Ruby on Rails with support of Twincling society :-)


Sumanth Krishna @ Ruby on Rails gatherings


 This was the first Geek gatherings I attended on RoR @ Hyderabad.


This was good and I also got chance to clear away doubts of attendees.


This triggered me of to start Ruby on Rails course on my blog Techsavvy.



Google Gadgets

I started playing with Google gadgets for Google desktop.  I am still working on my ideas for the great gadgets.  Meanwhile, to get a feel of them I submitted two of the following gadgets that are accepted by Google Desktop Team.

Get A FreeLancer 

This gadget is based on RSS feeds of Get A FreeLancer site.

Download the Gadget




This gadget is based on Feed of SPhred.

Download the Gadget

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