Origin of the Tosh Name

The name originated in the highlands of Scotland in the area called Glen Tilt, near the village of Blair Atholl.  The Celts lived in Glen Tilt probably before 900 AD and within the glen they maintained one of their most important strongholds.  The Celtic leaders were called “Toisiches” or “Toiseaches” in Gaelic or “Thanes” in Anglo-Saxon English.  From the Gaelic word “Toische”, meaning leader came the name Tosh and then the name Macintosh, son of Tosh.  For a further discussion of Glen Tilt see “The Stewarts of Glen Tilt, Blair Atholl, in Perth Scotland”.  For a further discussion of the Tosh surname see "Origin of the Tosh name".

Mackintosh Clan
For a discussion of the Mackintosh Clan see "Mackintosh".  For a discussion of the Clan of the Cats see "Clan Chattan".  For a picture of a Scot dressed with the Tosh tartan see "Tosh Tartan".
Tosh Family of Virginia
For an article from the 2001 edition of History Museum and Historical Society of Western Virginia by Clair White see "Where The Toshes Came From".  For a family tree of the early Toshes in Pennsylvania and Virginia see "Tosh Tree".
Jonathan Tosh (___-1750)
For a copy of the will of Jonathan Tosh of Fishing Creek, Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania dated December 4, 1744,  see "Jonathan Tosh Will".
Thomas Tosh (1715-1778)
Thomas Tosh, son of Jonathan Tosh, built his home in 1764 in the city of Roanoke, Virginia.  For a picture of the home which was razed in 1964 see "Lone Oak".  In 1966 Mrs Lucian Dent Booth donated a plaque which was placed at the site of Lone Oak which is now a nursing home.  For a picture of the presentation ceremony see "Lone Oak Ceremony".  For a picture of the plaque see "Lone Oak Plaque".  For an article in the January 12, 1964 issue of The Roanoke Times concerning Lone Oak see "Roanoke Times".   For a report that was written regarding the Lone Oak estate see "L.O. Report 1".  For a copy of Thomas Tosh's land grant dated September 10, 1767 see "Land Grant".  For a copy of Virginia Revolutionary Publick Claims that shows a Revolutionary War claim made by Mary Tosh, widow of Thomas Tosh see "Mary Tosh Claim". 
Jonathan Tosh (____-c 1819)
For a Plat map showing the land of Jonathan Tosh in the city of Roanoke, Virginia see "Tosh Land Plats".  For a modern map that shows the location of Jonathan Tosh's land in Roanoke see "Roanoke Map".  The Lone Oak Report refered to in the previous paragraph contained a story about Jonathan Tosh and how he met his wife.  See "L.O. Report 2" for the story.  The authenticity of this story is questionable.  It says that she is from "far off Alabama" but this writer suspects that she is from the neighboring county of Montgomery.  See the 1790 map of Virginia at "Virginia Maps" and note the location of Botetourt (where Roanoke city was at that time) and Montgomery counties.
Tosh's Ford
The following article from the Roanoke Times tells about Tosh's Ford, which was adjacent to one of Jonathan Tosh's properties - see "Tosh's Ford".  For a picture of the historical marker at the location of Tosh's Ford see "Tosh's Ford Marker". 
Census and DAR record
The 1810 census of Botetourt County is shown at "1810 Census" and shows Jonathan Tosh age "45 & over" and two sons age "under 10" and one daughter age "10 to 15" and two females age "16 to 26".  It also shows that he owns 22 slaves.
For the SAR record that Bill Tosh used to join the SAR see "SAR Record".
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