Spotlight Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii

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Mexico - Baja California Sur
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Mexico - Baja California
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Mexico - Puerto Vallarta 2013

A nice place to visit ... beautiful vistas, charming villages, warm friendly people, great public art works and whale watching.
Includes fotos of Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Bucerias, Sayulita, San Francisco / San Pancho.
Brazil - Belo Horizonte 2009
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Hawaii - Big Island 2012
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Hawaii - Maui 2012
The 2nd largest of the Hawaiian Islands. My favourite activities are:
1 - Travelling the Road to Hana, with its abundance of natural beauty including many waterfalls and the painted tree grove.
2 - Haleakalā, with its summit at 10,023 feet. Sunrise is amazing as is hiking into the crater.
3 - Whale watching and snorkeling.
Hawaii - Kauai 2012
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