I am a photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia’s (BC) lower mainland area and currently live in Surrey, BC. My main areas of focus are:
- Portrait photography
- Performance and Event photography
- Nature and Travel photography
- Landscape and Scenery Panorama photography
- Photo Restoration and Composite Image services

I use software in creating composite image photos, photo restoration, re-touching, and other digital imaging creative endeavours. I primarily use and am proficient with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements suite, onOne Perfect Photo Suite, and others depending on the projects I’m working on.

As with many photographers, I began by volunteering to be the photo-taker for family outings. Over the years, I dabbled in different forms of artistic expression but in the end fotografia (Portuguese) is what has continually appealed to me. I have been an avid photographer most of my life.

I’m also an enthusiastic traveler. The world is full of beauty and I get great pleasure from trying to portray that beauty in fotos (Portuguese). I aspire to capture images of scenes, people and things that reflect the spirit and feel of the interesting places I have had the good fortune to visit and the interesting people I have had the good fortune to meet.

I spent 30+ years in predominantly left-brained roles in the business world, Information Technology (IT) and consulting mostly. I recently changed direction to enable me to spend more time with my more creative, right brain interests.

IT is a very interesting field and I do continue to accept some IT management consulting assignments. My IT background and profile can be found at:

You’ve probably guessed by now that I have a Portuguese heritage. And the name Tose ? It’s the Portuguese short form, nickname for Antonio Jose, my first name. I usually answer to Tony as well.

I hope you enjoy my fotos. Obrigado.