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"Everybody's beautiful in their own way." Lyrics from the 1970 Ray Stevens song Everything is Beautiful.

I believe this to be true ... everyone has an inner spirit or beauty. The fun and pleasure as a photographer is to work with the "model(s)" to draw out and capture that spirit ... be it fun, playful, humorous, poignant or touching in some way.

Some of the interesting places I have had the opportunity to visit.
Edifices & Architecture
Mankind has certainly left its mark on the world and in many cases it is quite interesting. I find there are many cities in our world that have charming and interesting architecture that are fun to photograph.

Windows & Doors
There's something about Windows & Doors that has a real allure for us as individuals. I'm not sure what it is but I am susceptible to it as well.
"Despite all the typical beauty of Venice, I seem to pause a lot at the doors and windows." "I automatically went to the Windows & Doors collection first." (quotes from a couple of friends)