Nature and Scenery

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By The Sea
The sea is a living thing with plenty of its own activity and wonderful colours & textures. And, it supports a vast array of plant & animal life and pastimes for us humans. Spending time at the shore or on the water always provides interesting things to shoot.
In The Air
I get a window seat on airplanes whenever I can. I've always been captivated by the views from the air and have been taking "in the air" fotos for many years.
A good "in the air" foto requires some luck ... a window that isn't dirty and scratched, decent visibility, sitting on the "right" side of the plane, a seat where the wing doesn't completely obstruct the view, and flying over something interesting to shoot. I've had some good luck.
Mother Nature
The greatest artist of all.
Nature provides plant life in a cornucopia of colours, textures, shapes and sizes that are truly astounding.
The animal world is remarkably rich in the variety of creatures, colours, textures and facial expressions. Always fun to shoot.

Whale Watching
One of my favourite things to do when I go to Hawaii and Mexico. These are amazing mammals and a real pleasure to see. I’ve been a few times now so decided to create an album with my experiences so far.