Sample Final Illuminations

(from the "General Prologue" to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales)

Some examples of my students' excellent and creative work!

Knight Illuminations:

(Left: Emilio, Laura, & Hugh / Right: Prashant, Carolyn, & Allison)*



Nun Illuminations:

(Left: Christina, Lindsey, & Sarah / Right: Lauren, Redade, & Courtney)



Wife of Bath Illuminations:

(Left: Amanda, Shay, & Derek / Center: Blake, Alexa, Kristin / 

Right: Lindsey, Amanda, Robin)



Clerk Illuminations:

(Left: Bradford, Gaby, and Stephanie / Right: Lauren, Marc, & Erin)


Squire Illuminations:

(Left: Fab, Elaina, & Armando / Right: Matt, Derek, & Brandon)



 Cook and Guild Illuminations:

(Left: Kristin, Erin, & Marc / Right: Gaby, Mia, & Justin)

These are lovely examples of detail work imitating early modern manuscripts.


Yeoman Illumination:

(Jackie, Lauren, & Redade)



Summoner Illumination:

(Jamie, Chelsea, & Liddy)



Miller Illumination:

(Rachel, Jackie, & Amanda)



Friar Illumination:

(Carol, Ayanna, & Monica)





* The order of student names reflects the order of stages completed.