Middlesex Slideshow Project

I have long loved the introduction to the HBO series, Carnivale, 

but only recently realized how well it works as a model for this project!

Introduction: Students really love to take this project and run with it. I wait to introduce the idea, though, until they have already recognized the cinematic nature of Eugenides' prose.

Text: Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex

Grade: Seniors

Difficulty: Challenging

Applications: This project works well with any text with longer prose passages, such as Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby.


Jackie's project (unfortunately, the music wasn't built in and so got lost in the transfer):


Many moments in Middlesex feel very cinematic. To highlight that, for this project, you will be turning passages from the text into a slideshow. Using the opening credits to the HBO series Carnivale as a guide, you will be creating a presentation of images/video, underlined with music.

HBO opening credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMqLks7qnew


You may choose to use some kind of central theme to link your images (as Carnivale uses the tarot cards). You may choose contemporary music or something from the time period. You may choose to use only original photos/videos, or you may choose to blend in some more modern images.


The only requirement, and the main element on which you will be graded, is your finished product’s ability to capture the tone of the text in a cinematic format. In addition, I will be looking at your use of technology, your work as part of a team, and the authentic nature of your images.