I am a political theorist in the Political Science Department at the University at Albany (State University of New York). My research is in the areas of early modern political thought, feminist theory, rhetoric and politics, and democratic theory. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the history of political thought, feminist theory, contemporary political theory, and language and politics.

My book, Authority Figures: Rhetoric and Experience in John Locke's Political Thought is now available from from Pennsylvania State University Press. My work on toleration, consent, membership, political judgment, social contract theory, affect, and political metaphors of embodiment, femininity, and foreignness has been published in Political Theory, Theory & Event, and the Encyclopedia of Political Thought. I am currently working on a project entitled, "Possessive Individualism Revisited," which considers the history of possession of property and persons as a language for the common-wealth. I am particularly interested in the reversals of claims of private ownership into new claims for publics and common goods.

I organize the SUNY Albany Political Theory Workshop. The Workshop meets several times a semester and is open to faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates with interests in theoretical approaches to the study of politics. For announcements of upcoming events, see: Facebook.com/albanypoliticaltheory.

Take a look at my book here!

Take a look at my new book!

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