Blogging Culture

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Wheaton College blogs about culture. Students work to question what they know through online communities, technology and MisUnderstandings.

  • This site is a showcase of a learning experiment at Wheaton College using public blogs to document the process of learning and exploring culture. (Follow the links below to read in students own words about the ways that this blogging experiment encouraged learning).


    As student accounts suggest, "Blogging Culture" is a project with great insight into the sites where culture can be found, the value of collaborative learning and reflexivity and importance of valuing student experiences in the classroom.


    Learning about anthropology, students start on the assumption that culture is everywhere and that understanding culture requires  

    Engaging with Communities,

    Challenging MisUnderstandings,

    Understanding Ourselves,

    Developing a Passion for Knowledge

    and Finding a Voice to Speak about Culture.

    In Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, students engage with web communities, web-based information and with each other to begin their journey into understanding how culture works. In doing so they learn about the discipline of anthropology, culture, themselves, writing and gain tools to understand cyberspace. Students develop incipient netnographies and start explore analytical tools for netliteracy.