Want to come inside a maximum security prison for 2 hours and see God at work?  The Torres Team Invites all to come join us in a Celebration and witness what GOD is truly doing inside the prison during a Kairos weekend. 

What you will witness is 42 men sharing a brief testimony of what these 3 days meant to them. It really is something to see - make it a little mini mission trip and car pool up with Church members.  It is an experience to go inside a maximum security prison but more so it is truly a touching event that you will never forget. 

Anyone with a Texas Drivers license and is 18 years or older is eligible to come inside. Email your name as it is on your license, and your full license number to the Weekend Leader.

What to Expect?  A blessing in realizing what Christ's love is and how it changes lives even in prison, it will remind us that God's unconditional love can change the hardest of hearts, it is something special to see and reminds us how truly blessed we really are. 

What to wear?  Please click on and read here.