Here are the install steps I am working on:
1. Download and install uTorrent.
2. In uTorrent enable the WebUI by going here Options>Preferences>WebUI and check the 'Enable WebUI' box
3. Write down the port that uTorrent is running on (under Connection on the preferences screen)
4. Open firefox and test the WebUI by going to http:// 127 . 0 . 0 . 1:[Connection Port]/gui/ (ex: where [Connection Port] is the port you wrote down in step 3.
5. Find your computer's internal ip address on your wifi network. (usually a 192.168.*.* address)
6. Try accessing the WebUI from another computer on your home network by going to http:// [internal ip]:[Connection Port]/gui/ with firefox.
7. Try accessing the WebUI from your Pre by going to http:// [internal ip]:[Connection Port]/gui/ (ex: on the Pre's browser
8. Open the Prefences page on the Torrent Remote App and enter the internal ip for the ip, the connection port for the port, and the username/password that you entered in uTorrent's WebUI page.
9. Click the "Check WebUI" button. This should open the browser and take you to the WebUI.
10. If that works, you should be able to click "Done", and you should see your torrents in the torrents list.

If you want to find use the Torrent Remote App while you are away from home over 3G, follow these additional steps.

1. Go to What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address and write down your external ip
2. Make sure you forward your Connection Port to your internal ip on your router settings. I recommend going to PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model for instructions on your specific router.
3. Enter the external ip from step 1 into the preferences page on the Torrent Remote App.
4. Click "Check WebUI".
5. If the WebUI loads on the Pre, you should see your torrents when you click "Done" button

Please contact me at torrentremote4webos@gmail.com with any issues.

Feature Requests:
  • Change sorting method (including use sorting from uTorrent)
  • Make dividers collapsible
  • Support for the following clients
    • Bittorrent (1)
    • BitComet (2)
    • Vuze (1)
    • Hardware Clients (1)
  • Ability to search and add from the following sites
    • Extra torrent
    • Demonoid
  • Viewing total stats (total up, total down)
  • Pause All, Start All, etc.
  • multiple servers
  • configurable auto refresh