Diary Entry - Av1B - Group 3

posted 16 Jan 2012, 04:58 by Nicola Holmes   [ updated 17 Jan 2012, 11:21 by Torrejon EOI4 ]
Dear diary,

Today my friend Michael was shot dead by another gang.

Unfortunately, we couldn't do anything to help him, as he died before the ambulance arrived.

As we didn't wanted to have any problem, we decided to run away.

I really felt guilty because it was me who encouraged him to come with us and fight against the other gang. I think that the situation would have been different if we hadn't been taking drugs.  

I'm seriously thinking about giving up drugs now.  I would like to change my life.  I want to have a job and earn money to buy a house and I will try to forget all my past.

I want to help my neighbours, the majority of them are in the same situation as us.

Everyday a lot of young people die because of drugs.

I am interested in giving them advices  or for instance, giving them a talk once a week.  In this way, they will realise that they have to change immediately.