2011 T24 Project

Filmmakers were tasked to tell us a "love story of the city" where people's relationships defined a particular space in the city and how the space in turn evolves the relationship.

"S2", "On the Same Page" and "The Want"

Lamkee (Eli Campbell, Evan Woolfrey and Alexandra Dawson) presents "Steps"
A woman walks the night looking to escape her degrading lifestyle.

So Forth Films (Liza Friedman, David Hostetter, David Laurin and Chris Moure) present "Onto"
A Toronto man enlists the help of a mysterious stranger to rekindle his relationship.

The RuhTuhTuh's (Chris Moreira, Spencer Ryerson, Alex Esguerra and Anthony Abbatangelo) presents "On the Same Page"
A young writer struggles between his fantasy love and real life love.

The Watchtower Gang (Chris Laxton, Jamie McMillan, Finlay Paterson and Alexei Golob) presents "The Want"
Two friends obsess over a stolen relic, pushing their relationship to dangerous heights.

The Heroic Melon Collective (Philbert Lui, Lester Calleja, Kevin Lam and Shirley Vien) presents "S2"
A man infatuated with someone he met online hopes to meet in person while a girl is forced to go online in order to communicate with her loved one.