2010 T24 Project Entries

The inaugural T24 Project held it's kick off on March 5th, 2010.  10 teams tried out but only 4 of them managed to come back on time.  A second challenge took place on May 8th under conditions of a raging blizzard.  5 teams tried out, 4 came back with 3 on time but only 2 entries managed to meet the challenge criteria.

Our first challenge asked our filmmakers to create a film about the identity of being a Torontonian and the meaning behind such a term.  Our second challenge drew inspiration from a quote of Alfred Hitchcock's, tasking filmmakers to tell us what story is worthy of the cinematic experience.

You Know You're From Scarborough When... by Shauna Adhesha
(Cinematrix - out of competition)

Natasha comes to "Toronto" for university, only she's not really in Toronto and her experiences
is more than she can hope for.

Homesick by Anthony Abbatangelo
(Broken Record Productions)

The film depicts one night where the paths of three individuals from different walks of life intersect
with disastrous results.

05:00AM by Orhan Sumen
(Team Indigo)

Three individuals are up in the middle of the night and dreading it for different reasons but they
each find something positive through different experiences.

Glow of the City by Elaine Poon
(Panel B Productions)

A man sleepwalks every night from Thornhill to downtown Toronto much to the confusion of those
around him. 

Jail City by Chris Laxton
(Panzer Bear Productions)

A man from the future appears at the doorstep of three friends with a warning that Toronto is in
danger of becoming a Jail City.


Torontonian by John Shumelda
(Tech Trio Productions - out of competition)

An out of work businessman's life takes a turn for the better.

The End of Jaily City by Chris Laxton
(Panzer Bear Productions - out of competition)

Concluding chapter to the predecessor "Jail City"

The JCP by Scott Stephenson
(Double Barrel Productions)

A team of filmmakers embark on a challenge but one member's love for a certain special director begins to negatively impact the team.

Expert.Ordinary by Philbert Lui
(Heroic Melon Collective)

5 seemingly ordinary people and their extraordinary personal victories are documented through a social media platform.