T24 Project

13 teams of young filmmakers from across the GTA signed up for the 2014 T24 Project.  8 made it back on time with a completed film to compete for the Visual Thesis Award.  This year's theme was based on an apocalypse in Toronto.  We asked filmmakers to examine what could cause "the end of days" Toronto and how the population can deal with such an event.

Join us on February 13, 2014 at Innis Town Hall to watch these films.

Directed by Adrienne Knott
with Jordan Policicchio and Matthew Griffith

43 days after an unknown event that silenced the city, a man hopes to find someone to talk to.  Anyone.
Directed by Jacky Vuong
with Janel Halenko and Christina Paik
Starring Hourmazd Farhadi, Jennifer Carolina Meneses, Emma Alimi, and Meesun Kim

A couple suddenly loses their libido in the middle of a session and they seek help.
Directed by Jamie McMillan
with Jeff Royiwsky and Andreas Papaelias
Starring Deidre Hennigar

A lonely scientist who is desperate for friends and company takes in a stranger.
Directed by Maikol Pinto
with Alexander Mann

On a barren night in a cold, industrialized future, one man wanders aimlessly.
Directed by Chelsea Chen
with Albert Zablan, Chloe Chen, and Roy Wang

A power outage interrupts the daily lives of four disparate individuals, forcing them to come together.
Directed by Anne Phitsanoukanh
with Jessica Fang, Erfan Keilani, and Jill Fernandes
Starring Mark Browning, Winnie Wong, Tina Seepersad, Nathan Chan

A new meme becomes a universal sensation but one man finds this joke to be more severe than it appears.
Directed by Ryan Liu
with Philip Kim, Eric Shum and Nick Aliwalas
Starring Paul Dods and Stephanie Bergeron

Stuck in their house with very little food left, three friends try to get through the days without driving each other crazy.  Soon their resources are depleted and they are forced to go outside if they want to survive.
Directed by Greg Fox
with Gorjan Veletic and Adrian Gentili
Starring Hannah Gordon and Oresiri Oputu

A woman keeps a video diary of her days after a hydro facility contaminates the water system, killing most people and leaving only a handful alive.

"ApocalypT.O." - 2014 T24 Project Trailer

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