2013 Festival Programming

Lucky Farms 
Amanda Jass, Animation, 1:51 
A trip to the grocery store forever changes the fate of a cereal mascot. 

Dog Vlog 
Becca Williams, Comedy, 3:53 
Dog Gilmore is of a rare breed: an environmental activist who Blogs about conserving our planet. 

A Glimpse of Life 
Shadat Patwary, Animation, 1:20 
There’s a story behind everyone’s reflection. What’s yours? 

Man on Mars 
Emily Badgley, Drama, 1:00 
A glimpse into the mind of an astronaut only seconds before lift-off. 

A Serenade of the Seeds 
Sylvie You, Animation, 1:37 
Love can be found everywhere, even within the seeds of nature. 

The Snow Spirit 
Lorena Sala Reyes, Animation, 1:52 
A magical head-piece brings to life a young girl’s imagination. 

Get Outside 
James Mulvihill, Drama, 2:55 
A student unwinds from studying via a hobby. 

The Professional
Jessica Scrymgeour, Comedy, 9:00 
A detective investigates the mystery of the school's missing hamster.

Nicholas Hong, Animation, 1:13 
A joyful reminder of the important things in life: happiness and good old H20. 

A Canadian Winter 
Luke Fenton, Documentary, 5:08 
The harsh Canadian cold won't stop these die-hard skateboarders from pursuing their passion. 

Christian Lapid, Comedy, 4:54 
It's a race against the clock as one young man rushes to make it to school on time. 

Sleepy Time 
Jonny Micay, Comedy, 2:53 
The trials and tribulations of a boy trying desperately to fall asleep.

These are the People in your Neighbourhood 
Nicole Bazuin, Documentary, 6:30 
A group of elementary school students learn more about their community through interviewing local business owners. 

The Bloody Battle

Eric Park, Comedy, 0:41

One chaser. One fugitive. One survivor.

Familiar Strangers

Melinda Tse, Documentary, 8:25

Four sisters drift further apart from their mother and each other due to their own obligations.

The Window Seat

Christina Taccogna, Drama, 12:40

A student recalls the lessons of her childhood to overcome the pressures of school.

Generation Y

Jeff Carlson, Documentary, 9:00

A blunt examination of Generation Y’s views on technology, education, and the work force.


Yvonne Sung, Experimental, 2:50

Dinosaurs and gender-bending: an experimental short


Patrick Y. Lee, Drama, 19:59 

A boy seeks answers about his father’s death within the world of a lucid dream 

The Ties Between Us

Christer Harris, Drama, 10:00

Jack is not doing so well. Amy invites him in. They realize their memories and pain are more prevalent than they thought.

Indexing the Mind

Jamie McMillan, Experimental, 2:00

A man experiences different realities through technological means.


Chemical Valley

Jennifer Robbins, Documentary, 10:15

Sarnia, Ontario: a case study on how pollution threatens a community beyond environmental degradation.

Alternate Realities

Aidan Jeans, Experimental, 1:31

Doctor Video provides a moral on the lives we live

In Art We Trust

Rebekah Reiko, Documentary, 19:45

A video documentation on the last days of the Art House Tacheles, a massive warehouse in the Mitte district that was one of Berlin's most famous cultural icons. 


David Condotta and Shawna Steele, Drama, 11:00

Mawusi, a young African woman trying to get refugee status in Canada, recounts the tragic events that brought her here. 

The Forbidden Room

Kristina Mileska, Drama, 10:00

A boy with hemophilia decides to take a few risks.


Andy Kloske, Documentary, 8:46

Tim has anxiety about open spaces.  He cannot stay home alone or leave his house.  His family tries to help him go to the movies.

Pillow Talk
Nichole ter Horst, Animation, 1:07 

A boy’s practice-run at sexy talk proves to be lackluster. 

The Morning After 
Matthew Evans, Comedy, 3:40 

Sometimes morning after protocol isn’t so simple, or polite. 

Dani Alon, Animation, 4:15 

Energy drinks are a helluva drug. An animated interpretation of a CBC Wiretap sketch. 

Sweet Something 
Chris Moreira, Drama, 13:30 

An ill-fated underachiever confronts his poor fortune in a coffee shop. 

Dan Sprogis, Animation, 2:14 

A careless sorcerer flexes his powers and brews trouble for the local town.

Don’t Get Mad, Just Get Used To It 
March Mercanti, Documentary, 9:43 
An exploration of the lifelong love and passion back-boning the success of two professional wrestlers. 

Hooba Jooba 
Max Swiecki, Animation, 1:20 

Two party monsters scour the nightlife for debauchery and sustenance. 

Shawna Steele, Documentary, 8:31 

After a vigourous sexual romp becomes a medical emergency nightmare, David and Stephanie are forced to redefine what it means to be a man. 

Zachary Garand, Documentary, 11:22 

A behind the scenes look-see at two stars of Toronto’s Underground Peepshow - Dr. Tease and Barely Legal Leelando.

Tale of Baku

Lorena Salas Reyes, Animation, 1:57

A magical creature protects us from bad dreams.

Showdown at Dusty Springs

Myles Milne, Comedy, 11:01

The new kid on the playground, Roy, stands up to the bully, Mickey. Their imagination takes the conflict to the Wild West.


Zach Silverstein, Drama, 5:50

Our wrong-doings bring us down more and more with each sin.


David Condotta, Documentary, 7:38

A family deals with the struggles of having a daughter with autism.

Fists of Finance 
Melissa Allen, Animation, 4:07 

Pay your bills or face the consequences.

The Change

Daniel Whidden, Animation, 3:30

The harrowing tale of Celia Dutkiewicz, forced from her home in Poland and sent to the gulags of Siberia during the Soviet deportations of World War II.

Young Artist Series: Dani Brown

Christian Byrne, Documentary, 3:00

Young dancer, Dani, tells us about her passion and aspirations for performing.

A Short Story

Joel George, Drama, 4:36

Life is short.  Every once in a while, you need to stop and take in the scenery.

Ghost Dating

Alison Rheaume, Documentary, 9:47

Stacie Ikka runs Sitting In A Tree, a matchmaking service where she acts on behalf of her clients to find love online – literally.

I Love Rhonda

Tyler Schrieder, Comedy, 13:36

Two elder men fight for the affections of the resident pretty lady in a retirement home.