2011 Festival Films

The 2011 festival took place at Innis Town Hall with the adjudication ceremony and awards gala at the Tranzac Club.  Many thanks go out to our jury, Adam Trozzolo, Carly Whitefield and Matt Brown for taking time out of their busy schedules to assist with the event.


Oil and Water
by Ben Brommell - Experimental Film
A look at cultural interactions in Canada's melting pot city

Sarah by Ciiku Thuo - Documentary
The story of how a queer Gikuyu woman is haunted by the suicide of another queer Gikuyu

Imodda: Desert's Voice by Caitlin Rodger - Documentary
Depicting a group of Moroccan nomads trying to preserve their culture through music

Secondhand Creation by Annie Tung - Experimental Animation
A look at man-made nature and how we twist the world to suit our needs

Diaspora by Aadhi Vive - Dramatic Narrative
A visual presentation that gleans over the lifespan of an immigrant family

Catnimation by Francisco Park - Animation
A playful cat goes on a series of zany adventures

Cunt by Sara Cabrera-Aragon - Documentary
Discussing why the derogatory term is such a taboo word today

Snow Trees by Alex Kingsmill - Animation
An otherworldly cave-dweller stumbles upon a forbidden fruit

Symphony of a Metropolis by Vincent Pun - Documentary
A homage to 1950's style education videos addressing concerns of the modern city

Hope by Caine Chow (Sponsor Presentation) - Science Fiction
A couple races against time to reach a ship that will take them off world before the planet meets its imminent doom


Thot by Jamie McMillan - Animation
A child's imagination runs wild to escape the stress of sickness on the body

Deadlights by Aidan Jeans - Experimental
A man crosses the river styx and encounters many creatures from Greek mythology

Felix by Joel George - Dramatic Narrative
A man is trapped and in order to be set free, he must face the demons that haunt him

Anxious by Abeer Qa'aty - Experimental
A cinematic experience that depicts a dreamlike state, connecting several situations into surreal narrative

Picture Me by Natasha Ivanco - Animation
The older sister continually disappears in her family portrait as her younger siblings gain more favour

Colour Me by Safa Minhas - Animation
An examination of the concept of how the innocent and childlike looks at the world in black and white

by Alex Kingsmill - Dramatic Narrative
A woman builds a time machine and panics when she finds a bleak future after using it

Damien by Daegan McNeany - Dramatic Narrative
A family moves into a new house only to discover that something is not quite right


Leaving a Pretty Corpse
by Chris Moreira - Narrative Drama
A man who's too chicken to kill himself enlists the help of his best friend

Inkling by Shawna Steele - Narrative Drama
A mysterious but charming stranger flirts with a woman he just met at the grocery store

Milk and Honey by Marshall Lau - Narrative Drama
A man checks up on his close friend only to find him drowning in memories of the past

The Murdered Innocence by Abeer Qa'aty - Narrative Drama
A teenage girl who can't communicate with her mother takes drastic measures to solve a problem

Roofies and Romance by Cody Campanale - Narrative Drama
A man on the prowl at his local dive has a rival who sets his sights on the same target

Possession by Daegan McNeany - Narrative Drama
A detective investigates a string of murders and he suspects James, not knowing the secret in his cellar


by Karen Forhan (Special Presentation) - Narrative Drama
On the morning of her 75th birthday, a woman reflects on her life and some of the milestones she's been through

Unwind by Anne Douris - Animation
After a breakup, a man who works at a tape rewinding store goes through various stages of agony

My Brother's Keeper by Ally Rheaume - Documentary
The tale of up-and-coming musician, Jermaine Hamilton, how he went from troubled youth to active community leader

Optimistically Ended by Natasha Ivanco - Animation
A once-mischievious girl vows to repent her ways and end up in a constant state of worry

Speechless by Tanya Hoshi - Narrative Drama
A little girl with a disability has trouble making friends in an able-bodied environment

Eve by Sabrina Moreno - Narrative Drama
A girl grieves and copes with the loss of a loved one

Bad Luke by Matthew Yipchuck - Narrative Drama
A boy picks up a unlucky penny only to go home and find his sister's birthday party going further into chaos