2011 Award Winners

Achievement in Film Direction - Fiction:
Aadhi Vive (Diaspora)
Achievement in Film Direction - Non-Fiction: Ben Brommell (Oil and Water)
Cultural Relevancy Award: Ally Rheaume (My Brother's Keeper)
Achievement in Screenwriting: Matthew Yipchuck (Bad Luke)
Achievement in Production: Daegan McNeaney (Possession)
Achievement in Post-Production: Alex Kingsmill (Marianne)
T24 Project Visual Thesis Award: Philbert Lui (S2)
Festival Director's Merit of Recognition: Anne Douris (Unwind)
Spectator's Choice - Borders and Barriers: Diaspora
Spectator's Choice - Blurred Realities: Damien
Spectator's Choice - Nerve Endings: Possession
Spectator's Choice - Ups and Downs of Human Interaction: My Brother's Keeper