2010 Festival Films

The 2010 festival took place at Innis Town Hall with the adjudication ceremony and awards gala at the Alumnae Theatre.  Many thanks go out to our jury, Karen Forhan, Peter Sanders and Norman Wilner for taking time out of their busy schedules to assist with the event.

Butterfly by Safa Minhas

A look at fairies as the result of human curiosity, greed and experimentation as opposed to the
magical creatures normally associated with them.

Peel Me by Philbert Lui
An experimental documentary that explores the "Banana Culture" amongst North American youth.

It's a Hard Job by Marie Gelene Celis

A homeless man tries to reach out to people while he "plays" his guitar.

The Maple Lie by Amil Shivji
An immigrant is forced to take an unsatisfactory and low paying job in order to make ends meet.

Secrets by Nadia Tan
A collection of anonymous real secrets that were recorded and illustrated through surreal and
abstract visuals.

What's In Your Fridge? by Andrea Yip
Three Torontonians showcase their refrigerators to exploring issues around food access.

Red by Jennifer Chan
Passersby witness a woman's performance art on one of the busiest streets of Hong Kong.

Beauty Queen by Lena Chun
A 20 something year old who is insecure of her looks becomes an overnight star after a

How to Properly Watch Television by Joshua Ary
Henry wants to watch some good ol’ fashioned television but it’s more complicated than
he thought.

The Human Project: Scars by Bert McKinley
Four people share their story behind their scars.

Memories by Joel George

A young boy experiences a major loss and opens up to a stranger to seek comfort.

Pressures of Perfection by Leroy Coldspring
A young man resists the path set out by his mother in order to walk one of his own.

Uprooted by Andrew Moir
A documentary that tells the tale of Joseph Vanden Elzen, who was forced to stop farming tobacco after taking a government bailout.

Straight and Narrow by James Vorstenbosch
Roman and Julia face social consequences due to their relationship being "different".

Toyzilla by Ashley Bowes
Terror and chaos ensue when a plastic Godzilla is unleashed in Toy Town.

Abby the Python by Elaine Poon

A pet python finds its way back home

BFF by Aidan Jeans
Two best friends drift apart when one meets someone else.

Wade's World by Matthew Yipchuck
When Dan meets a girl, Wade is faced with his potential fade into oblivion.