2009 Festival Films

The 2009 festival took place at Innis Town Hall with the awards gala at the Centennial College Residence and Conference Centre.  Many thanks go out to our jury, Matt Guerin and Nicole Mendes for taking time out of their busy schedule to assist with the event.

Silent - by Agnes Jankiewicz
What would happen if everyone stopped talking?

Taken - by Aaron Bell
Chronicling the misadventures of waking up in an unknown room and not knowing what happened the night before

Till Death - by Elaine Poon
Taking the famous marriage vow a little too literally

Pianos - by Elaine Poon
Documenting the hardship and artisan of renewing a grand piano

Escape - by Elaine Poon
An exploration into the depths of humanity's most primal fears

Ordinary Thoughts - by Elaine Poon
Going through the repetitious path of one without his muse

Blood Water - by Caine Chow
A journalist discovers something dire and must try to make it out alive with the secrets he discovered

Stand - by Ashley Bowes
A hotdog stand operator confronts a wrong-doer one night leading to disastrous results

Folding City - by Lena Chun
Examining the intricacies and effects of of modern urban infrastructure on nature

Ext. 5683 (l-o-v-e) - by Elaine Poon
Can two depressed office workers find love in the strangest places?

Gamer: Origin of Guitarman - by Alex Watts Barnett
The rise and crash of a video game addict

An Encounter - by Sean Braune
A coming-of-age tale of two boys skipping school yearning adventure

March of the Clocks
- by Agnes Jankiewicz
A piece inspired by Ballet Mecanique (1924) using pocket watches

To the Moon - by Lena Chun
An "invisible" thread bounds a couple together despite breaking up

Along the Lines of Connectivity - by Karen Forhan
While creating lines of connection through communications technology we can simultaneously create gaps leading to alienation

The Highwayman - by Jessica Adams
The highwayman vows to return to his lover who is being held hostage by the royal guard

Death of a Puppet - by Lena Chun
Analyzing the human obsession for papparazzi and celebrity

Fading into the Darkness - by Caine Chow
Two people running in a world where humanity is no longer the dominant race

Look Closer - by Joel George
Examining the hidden beauty that no one gives credit to