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Looking for a Toronto SEO Expert, Specialist or Consultant? I can help you improve your website's Google traffic for your business. We Generate Millions of New Revenue for our Clients with Organic Search Engine Traffic. We are Toronto's #1 Digital Marketing & SEO Company. Contact us for an SEO consultation today. 418-473-1544

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Jonathan Loiselle | Toronto #1 SEO Expert, Specialist & Consultant
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Toronto SEO Expert #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

To understand the functioning of natural SEO, we give you some tips for answering frequently asked questions about this topic. Have you just created a website for your business or your passion?

Your goal is to reach a large audience to attract prospects who may become your new customers. It is therefore essential for you to understand what natural SEO consists of to ensure that it is well positioned on the search engines.

This element is a process that implements practices to make your website appear in the search engines and gain visibility through a good positioning. This is an essential step that makes it possible to perpetuate your activity on the web and ensure a quality traffic.

Natural SEO also helps improve your ranking in search results and review your marketing discourse by following emerging search trends of your target.

The real difficulty of this exercise is not in promoting the site to the search engines but in structuring the content. The internal and external mesh is essential to improve your positioning on the chosen keywords.

The results of SEO are visible after a while but remains a solution to develop the reputation of your website. The first step in the process of buying users is entering keywords into the search engine. This is the most strategic step because by positioning on several keywords you will have more chance to attract visitors to your site.

If no referencing strategy is established, it means ignoring users.

The optimization of your SEO will allow you to generate more traffic and your prospects will come naturally to you.

Unlike an ad campaign, SEO or SEO has beneficial effects over a long time, and the spin-offs continue well after optimizing the SEO of your website. An SEO watch is, therefore, a crucial step because it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest news or innovations on the web.

Toronto SEO Expert #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

Each search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) is organized according to its own algorithm and is based on databases that contain links to web pages. Google's robots have several roles. They automatically browse the web and find new pages that do not yet exist in search engine databases, and they make updates for already existing pages that have been modified. For each keyword entry by the user, the Google search engine will automatically compare millions of web pages by ranking them in order of relevance.

Toronto SEO Expert #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

It is necessary to ensure the number of links and the quality of the hypertext to your website. For the search engine, these links represent a recommendation from another website. The sharing of your articles on social networks, exchanges with Internet users, e-mailing campaigns are also other solutions to increase your notoriety.


The stakes of e-reputation are based on the opinion of Internet users. It is measured by the comments, the exchanges between Internet user on forums or social networks.

SEO Consultant Toronto #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

Toronto SEO Agency #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

Toronto SEO Expert | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

If you want to improve your SEO SEO, you can measure audience with the Google Analytics tool. By measuring and quantifying your audience, you will be able to see if your SEO strategy has been effective.

With Google Analytics, you'll be able to measure the overall traffic of the site, the pages that generate the most conversions, the conversion rate of your site, the pages that receive the most organic traffic, and many other items. This data will enable you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO optimization and adapt your natural SEO strategy.

Toronto SEO Expert, Specialist & Consultant | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

Natural SEO called "organic" are from the Google index and are displayed according to their relevance.

Sponsored links do not depend on natural referencing. Paying to improve your SEO on Google Adwords will therefore not improve your ranking among the natural results. Paid SEO called "sponsored links" or "SEA" or "Google Adwords" are paid results with commercial links.

Toronto SEO Expert #1 | Jonathan Loiselle 418-473-1544

Nevertheless, free to you if you want to combine these two types of SEO to increase the conversion rate on your website. It is proven that the most clicked and watched areas are the first results.

The SEO of its site is, therefore, an essential element for your strategy web marketing.

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