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  • April Town Hall Meeting
  • April Council Meeting
  • March Council Meeting
  • February 26 Town Hall Meeting
  • February Council Meeting
  • January Council Meeting



October 28, 9 am: University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association Council Meeting


1. Meeting called to order - Trevor

2. Minutes from past meetings - Mahadeo

3. Report from CAGS meeting in Edmonton - Trevor

4. Items brought forward during the orientation session (Day care availability) - Trevor

5. Reports from meetings with Dean Aitchison and Dean Baker - Rebecca/Trevor

6. Update from the survey working group - Mahadeo

7. December social event - Rebecca/April/Raedun

8. Training program update - Carl

9. Other business If required/have time

10. Adjournment (at or before 10:30) - Trevor

 Minutes in preparation

October 15-18: Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Annual Meeting

Presentation by Dr. Trevor McKee, postdoctoral fellow and UTPDA president, on postdoctoral concerns and recommendations.

September 30, 9 am: University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association Council meeting

Minutes available here

July 9, 12pm: University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association Officers meeting


- (brief) discussion of optimal communication methods - e-mail subject formatting, etc.
- Report back on the meeting with the admin
- The new fee (its nature, and our goals)
- Website
- Two-minute Survey discussion
- Agenda items for Council Meeting
- Contents for Council Handbook
- Discuss optimal methods for keeping on-task at council meetings
- Fundraising, budget
- Calendar of business
- Council orientation
- PDF orientation for fall.
- Decide on time for Council Meeting (based on doodle poll)
- Generate action Items for individual officers
- Other business
- CAPS governance brief discussion

May 13, 3-5pm: Postdoc Town Hall Meeting, MC-102

Mechanical Engineering Bldg, 5 Kings College Road 

Meeting Agenda

RSVP, Career Fair Survey, e-mail announcement and publicity poster

- Presentation by Research Office of Faculty of Medicine on Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities 

MaryAnn DeFrancis, Faculty of Medicine Research Services Officer, will give a brief presentation on funding opportunities available for Post Doctoral Fellows, with a focus on the funding databases available for on-line identification of grants and salary awards.  

- Year end review of activity
 - Ratification of Constitution
 - Elections for next year's officers and postdoctoral representatives - see call for nominations

May 12 Meeting with Administrators 

 Meeting Agenda

 - Tax update, disc. of uOttawa revelations
 - Review of Constitution
 - Discussion of career fair and postdoctoral training program "proposals", and corresponding work on University side... 

-  Discussion of potential budget and office it would be managed out of

April 27 Nat'l Postdoctoral Association Meeting, Boston

Poster presentation by Trevor McKee, President, UToronto Postdoctoral Association.  Title: "Postdoctoral training 'north of the border' – experiences in setting up a Postdoctoral Association in Toronto, Canada" Abstract,  Poster, and,  National Postdoctoral Association webpage

 April 22, 2008 - Fourth Postdoctoral Association Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting Agenda

 - Finalize Constitution for general postdoctoral vote at Town Hall
 - Elections officer update and review of logistical plans for election
 - Review of business plans / grant proposals for Career Fair and Postdoctoral Training Program
  - Draft agenda / package of materials to transmit to administrators for mid-April meeting
  - Review or plan poster details for NPA annual meeting (25-27 Apr)

 minutes to follow

March 19, 2008 - Third Postdoctoral Association Steering Committee Meeting 

Meeting Agenda:

 - Review of the draft constitution that was sent around, and a vote
whether to adopt it.
 - Plans for May TH meeting - fellowship presentation, plus vote on constitution
 - Career fair plans - definitions / scope / timing
     - come up with specific directives to pass to career committee
     - direct committee to come up with general business plan / grant proposal model for April admin. Meeting
 - Training certificate - define goals / what minimum training would be useful
     - direct committee to come up with business plan / model, to shop around to <University, granting agencies, foundations> for budgetary approval.
  - Update on tax issue
     - Review of UHN tax presentation
     - Review of recent conversations with administrators and uOttawa
     - Vote on adoption of letter as part of website
  - Other business (orientation letter, Eric election officer, ...)
  - action items / set date for next meeting (Apr 9-18, after Constitution cmtee mtg  and before administrator meeting / NPA annual) 

follow-up update e-mail sent to postdocs 

Minutes available here

February 5, 2008 - Second Postdoctoral Association Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

- Review and finalize e-mail to be sent out re: town hall meeting
- PDA Constitution working group review, draft constitution
- Benefits working group:  plans in light of new benefit package
- Other working group updates?
- PDA Outreach discussion
- Event updates - Immunology, OCI postdoc seminars, LSCDS networking seminar event upcoming, Entrepreneur 101 series, others?
- Work on tax package - pool information, prompt University for any missing information, reach consensus on what to suggest including in filings

Minutes available here

November 17, 2007 - First Post-Doctoral Association Steering Committee Meeting

Goals for the meeting:
- To reach consensus on initiatives to pursue within working groups in the coming year, and set some basic priorities / milestones to work towards
- To recruit working group chairs from steering committee, to initiate groups, report back on progress
- To discuss briefly how best to manage information dissemination, organization function, and progress updates

Meeting Agenda:

- Introduction, review of goals, organization overview
- Overview of working group divisions, call for volunteers for individual group leaders
- Brief brainstorming session to outline the specific mission / goals / milestones of each group, irregardless of timeframe
- Prioritization of each of these with regards to

1) the importance to the overall PDA organization,

2) estimation of time required to achieve goal/goal achievable? 

3) ultimate benefit to postdocs

- Define one to three of these goals which could be possible to accomplish within the next year, to help focus and define the organization
- Discuss how to manage flow of information (e-mail, web-based, minutes)
- Wrap up: action items for follow-up

Agenda slides (and Town Hall Survey results) here

Minutes available here

October 31, 2007 - Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall Meeting involved a presentation by Eric Lecuyer and Trevor McKee, representing the Postdoctoral steering committee, followed by a presentation by Dean of Graduate Students Dr. Susan Pfeiffer, who introduced plans for a new appointment procedure for postdoctoral scholars, and a new health benefit program.  Representatives from the National Postdoctoral Association were also present to provide insight into the formation of a postdoctoral association.

check here for the revised policies put in place for postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto, which were announced at this meeting.

The National Postdoctoral Association Team Visit representatives came up with this list of suggestions (on page 2), for the administration, the postdoc office, and the postdoc association, for next steps to pursue.