Career Opportunities

Science Careers has put up a career basics booklet

As part of the Science Careers Outreach Program, we have collected in
a booklet a series of articles addressing all manner of career
development issues. The 80-page booklet has all the information that
you need to get your career on the right track: articles and resource
lists provide information on choosing a career path, marketing
yourself, skills needed in different career paths, and diversity
issues.  Copies will be made available at the SGS Postdoc Office, 63 St George Street.

Call for Applications
Matching Grants for Post Doctoral Fellowships
Sponsored in part by the Ministry of Research and 
InnovationDeadline: 15 April 2009


For more details see Funding Opportunities

nD insight Consulting Group

The nD insight Consulting group is always looking for bright, motivated individuals that can provide value to their consultancy, that supports clients who worked to improve human, public, environmental, and social health.  Contacts we have with them indicate they have more work than people at the moment, and are hiring.  For more information, please see their website at: 

Neurosilicon Opportunity

From: Steven Munevar <>
Subject: Opportunity to Share with Your Postdoctoral Association

Hello my name is Dr. Steven Munevar.  I am a recent Harvard Postdoctoral research fellow and am currently working for a neuroscience research and development company called Neurosilicon.  We are a small start-up currently looking to expand our capabilities particularly in the area of business development.

Specifically, we are looking for individuals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in science with some industry and/or business overlap.  This is a part-time, commission based, satellite opportunity that would be ideal for a senior graduate student or a postdoctoral researcher.

I have enclosed a description of the position and wanted to ask if you could you please forward this to any and all colleagues that may be interested in this opportunity as well as in your Postdoctoral Association newsletter.  Also, please feel free to forward me any questions you may regarding the position and what it entails.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from your group.

Best regards,
Steven Munevar, Ph.D., MBA E-mail:




Progenitor Corporation Opportunity

- and they were looking for someone who might be interested in helping
them with a project, and in the process get some exposure to the
diagnostics community in the GTA.  

 What we are doing is surveying the diagnostics community in the GTA. We are looking to survey the various constituent stakeholder groups. This includes the companies themselves, the academic community, the existing support network, and the various service providers on the chain from academic discovery to revenue generating product. The survey is trying to look into how well served the community is by the existing industry framework.
 Academic=>Tech Transfer=>Early Phase Development=>Clinical
Development=>Marketing etc.
As for the opportunity itself, unfortunately there isn't really any
monetary compensation we're offering at this point. We're looking for
volunteers. What we're offering is a networking for individuals such
as graduate students or others looking to transition to new
opportunities in diagnostics an opportunity to network with
individuals at different companies and institutions. It also lets them
the overall landscape of the industry around Toronto. 
Contact Peter Tam <> for more info