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Welcome to the Toronto Postdoctoral Association website.  This webpage serves as a gathering of information for the postdoctoral community, and for the announcement of important information relevant to U of Toronto Postdoctoral Fellows, and those at affiliated research institutes. The University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association is a professional organization recently formed by postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto and all affiliated research institutes in 2007. The aim of the UTPDA is to help postdoctoral fellows with all aspects of career development, mentorship, and training opportunities. We hope to improve the postdoctoral experience at U of T through targeted advocacy on issues of importance to postdoctoral fellows, in conjunction with the creation of support networks and social events to bring postdocs together to discuss common concerns, and also to help incoming and established postdoctoral fellows meet and share their experiences, suggestions, and questions.

For more info on the UTPDA, please see this flyer and send any questions to



Feb, 13th, 2012. Breaking News: University of Toronto Post-docs ruled Employees by Ontario Labour Board

  The Ontario Labour Board concludes that the PDFs are employees within the meaning of the Labour Relations Act, 1995.
Read the decision here.

July, 1st, 2010. Modifications of the Health Plan

The Health plan proposed to UofT postdocs by GreenShield has been modified and improved. The Association approves the changes. More to come on the modifications themself and the eligibility of the different groups of postdocs.

June, 14th, 2010. Career development event

You are invited to attend a career development event hosted by the University of Toronto Postdoctoral Association (UTPDA). 

"The Post-Postdoc Transition: Options Outside the Mainstream"

Featuring guest speakers: Dr. Lisa Goos (Director of Research Policy and Planning, Baycrest) and Dr. Marc Nantel (Director of Centre for Photonics, Ontario Centres of Excellence). 

Monday, June 14th, 6:00-7:00pm
McLennan Physical Laboratories, Room 110
60 St. George Street

The speakers will give brief talks on career options outside of academia, which will be followed by an open discussion with the audience. Afterwards, we'll continue our discussions and enjoy a beer at a nearby pub. 

Katherine Akers
UTPDA Officer of External Relations

May 1st, 2010. Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules on the tax status of post-docs.

Dear post-docs,

As you know, the legal/tax status of post-docoral fellows has been undetermined for some time. Recently, the 2010 Federal Budget clarified the tax status of PDF wages as employment income (taxable). On April 30 we receive notice from the CRA informing us of their ruling as to our status, which, unsurprisingly, agreed with the government's position as stated in the Budget. The UTPDA has been following this matter closely, and has been advising members that the liklihood of income being considered taxable by the CRA was high. It is now confirmed. Please consider this when preparing your taxes. The letter from the CRA is attached here.

Respectfully yours,
Jesse Greener
(on behalf of the UTPDA Council)


More info to come as this online resource is developed.  Please sign our guestbook and let us know your feedback on this website, on our initiatives, or if you have any suggestions.