"Living Outside The Box"


 (an alternative to highrise condominiums)


or many of us both the price and maintenance demands of owning a  house  has us settling for a high-rise condominium "the box" and although there are millions to choose from, not all of us are suited to high-rise condo living.


For many the list of complaints include:

  • light and ventialtion  -  most condos have a one set of windows on one wall of the unit limiting the amount of light to the interior area of the suite and little in the way of natural ventilation.
  • the inconvenience - waiting for elevators and getting to and from your underground parking;
  • the density - there are over 200 units in many of the city's condo buildings creating a  hotel style lifestyle;
  •  outdoor space - if  the suite does have a  balcony it's often too small to be of any use;
  •  the "rules" - the house rules and by-law regulations leave little in the way of interpretation;
  • and the number 1 complaint - those maintenance fees and taxes "yikes".

Welcome to a great alternative!


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  Frequently asked questions



How do they compare?

Compare apples to apples.  A 1,000 sq.ft. condo and a 1,000 sq.ft. co-ownership located within 3 blocks of each other in the same neighbourhood.


Both offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms, parking and storage.





Co-Ownerships for Sale by Area.











A proven concept, it will emerge in popularity as Toronto proper continues to attract an influx of home buyers with value and quality-of-life at the top of their home-search criteria.


Understanding the Concept


"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"




Al Garland, President and Broker, SaleMark Realty, writes about co-ownership:


Spring 2005:


I was twenty-five years in real estate, and a Toronto condominium specialist.  Was it possible that I would be unable to find the perfect home for my client – a talented artist who had lived on Toronto Island for over 20 years, and was making the move across the channel into Toronto proper?  Three months of searching uncovered adequately-sized condos in good locations, but the condo fees and property taxes were killers!  Their escalation seemed uncontrollable. We needed to find a property that was easily manageable without the high maintenance costs attributed to cleaning staff, concierges, elevators, mechanicals, and rec facilities.


With expertise in pre-sales of new condominiums, as well as property design, development and management, I considered converting a large existing home or rental property to condominiums, but the cost of setting up a condominium corporation was prohibitive.


The ultimate solution lay in a cute, little three-unit house in Riverdale, where my excitement about co-ownership began! I renovated the property to comprise three co-ownership units – lovely live/work spaces with bright light, open-concept living and modern kitchens. Every square inch of space was optimized. My client is now happily settled in a much larger space than she had hoped for, surrounded by her life’s work, all of the conveniences that suit her lifestyle, and monthly maintenance and taxes at half that of a comparable condominium.  Mission accomplished!


I’ve now turned my business interests to providing the same opportunity for others who wish to live in Toronto with space, amenities and low monthly maintenance and taxes where buying a condo off the shelf is just not an option.



 Understanding the Difference

Co-Ownership vs. Condos vs. Co-Ops



  • Each suite is a separate piece of real estate which can be bought, sold and traded in the market 
  • In addition to owning the unit the buyer  will own proportionate shares of the common areas of the property
  • Condos can be mortgaged


  • There is only one piece of real estate and each buyer is registered on title to the property
  • All buyers own a proportionate share of the entire property and are given the exclusive rights to occupy one of the units in the building
  • These shares of ownership can be bought, sold  and mortgaged.  With condos and co-ownerships (but not with co-ops) you can mortgage your interest in the property without causing liability  to the other unit owners and without getting consent from the property's Board of Directors. 
  • Although most banks will not finance co-ownership properties  there are a number of credit unions and HSBC  will finance a co-ownership purchase.


  • The property is  owned by a corporation and not by the residents
  • The buyer owns shares in this corporation and has the right to occupy a specific unit within the property
  • Buyers are not registered on title to the property
  • These shares can be bought, sold and traded
  • Shares can be mortgaged but not the property itself.
  • Although most banks will not finance co-ops there are a number of credit unions and other financial institutions that will

 Is Co-Ownership the right choice for You?

The fact of the matter - co-ownership is not an option for everyone. 

Without a 30% down-payment or alternative financing available (a line of credit, parents, private financing or a VTB (vendor take back mortgage) you may not be able to finance your purchase. 


Call us today to discuss whether co-ownership is the right choice for you and the variety of creative ways to finance.


How do they compare?

Comparing  apples to apples.  A 1,000 sq.ft. condo and a 1,000 sq.ft. co-ownership located within 3 blocks of each other in the same neighbourhood.


Both offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms, parking and storage.




Co-Ownerships for Sale by Area.











Co-Ownerships for Sale by Area.







SIGN UP and save as much as $100K on your purchase! 


Rather than waiting for someone to design the right combination for you (neighbourhood ,size, price range, features, utility get involved up front.


Join our wait-list of potential buyers.  By grouping  like-minded buyers looking for similar properties you can invest in the property during the development stage.

Getting involved early gives you the opportunity to customize the design and finishes to your liking and  save as much as $100,000 off the market value of the suite.

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