Modern Green Home: 1066 Toro Canyon Road, Montecito CA 93108


Come home to an eco-friendly estate, nestled between Montecito and Summerland.

Live luxuriously in a modern green home powered, heated and cooled by renewable energy.

Enjoy ocean, island and mountain views. Eat well from organic orchards and gardens. Exercise and meditate by the lap pool. Keep horses in the barn and corral. Explore oak groves, secret canyon and a year-round running stream.

Breathe deeply. Relax. Dream. Create. 

This eleven-acre eco-retreat has an architect-designed 5,000sf single-level House, 700sf Guesthouse above the oversized three-car Garage, 60-foot lap pool, and 2000sf barn with corral. A net-metered Solar PV array powers a Geothermal HVAC and DHW system serving the House and Guesthouse. A generous Montecito Water District allocation, plus a reliable private well, supply abundant water resources. The House interior is ready for you to complete and make your own.

Green Design & Building at 1066 Toro Canyon Road: 

Passive Solar Orientation 

Passive Cooling & Cross-Ventilation

Thermal Mass & Low Thermal Conductivity

High-Performance Building Envelope

Thermal Breaks

High R-Value Insulation 

High-Performance Windows & Doors 

Cool Roofs & Walls

Long-Life-Cycle, Recycled, & Recyclable Building Materials 

Locally-Sourced Materials & Products 

Pre-Finished & Low-Maintenance Materials 

Low- & No-VOC Materials & Finishes 

Energy Efficiency, Plus Renewable Energy Systems, Yield Net-Zero Electric Use and Prevent Carbon Emissions

Natural Daylighting

High-Efficiency Lighting

Energy-Efficient & Water-Conserving Appliances & Fixtures 

Geothermal Heating, Cooling, & Hot Water System  

Solar PhotoVoltaic System 

In-Deck Solar Radiant Pool Heating 

Preservation of Natural Environments & Open Space

Native & Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Organic Orchards & Gardens 

Composting & Mulching

Pervious Paving

Imagine your home powered, heated, and cooled by sunshine and the ground beneath it. Live comfortably as you forego thousands of pounds of annual carbon emissions.

That green home is at 1066 Toro Canyon Road—resource and energy efficient, with solar photovoltaic and geothermal renewable energy systems.

What is a green home? From the street a green home may not look different, but a green home is a practical response to issues that affect us all—increasing energy prices, decreasing water resources, and changing weather patterns.

A green home, as described by Built GreenSanta Barbara and the National Association of Homebuilders, is a high performance building, designed and constructed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize resource efficiency at each step of the development and building process. Green home building practices go beyond energy and water conservation to include environmentally sensitive site planning, resource efficient building materials, and superior indoor environmental health.

In a modern take on the agricultural vernacular of rural California, now-retired Santa Barbara architect Scott Rowland designed a house, guesthouse, and garage for this idyllic Toro Canyon ranch. Surrounded by established orchards and constructed in the footprint of a worn-out 1970s-era house and garage, this modern green home is composed of simple forms and planes like those of old ranch buildings. As though built over time for evolving needs, lower flat-roofed house sections abut the taller shed-roofed section, porches and overhangs shelter entries, and the guesthouse perches on the garage. Exterior surfaces reference adobe blocks and corrugated tin. Native boulders and stones form terraces and stairs.

But in this modern green home, renewable energy is paired with energy efficiency to produce as much electricity as is consumed. Atop the south-sloping roofs, a net-metered 13.5 kW array of solar photovoltaic panels generates electricity and backfeeds the grid. Under the north patio, geothermal piping taps the earth’s constant temperature for heating and cooling. Passive solar and cooling orientations give windows and doors winter sun and summer shade, as well as allow cross-ventilation. Building materials and techniques slow thermal transfer, and ceilings and walls are well insulated. Natural daylighting, high-efficiency lighting, and Energy Star appliances conserve electricity.  

Indoor environmental health is enhanced by hydronic radiant heating, and interior materials and finishes emit low or no VOCs. Stone tile, aluminum trim, and countertops containing aluminum waste are long-lived, recyclable, and recycled.

The universal design of this modern green home also provides an environment planned to work for people regardless of age or ability. Single-level interiors have wide doorways and generous room dimensions, and are accessible from the exterior via sloping walkways or stairs.

Exteriors are low-maintenance, fire resistant, and built to last with long-lived, recyclable, and recycled materials. The house, guesthouse and garage will endure and patina beautifully over many decades. Sandstone-hued slumpstone and Galvalume cladding cover structural concrete walls strengthened with recycled flyash. Fleetwood aluminum windows and doors are double-paned. Zincalume standing-seam roofing covers sloped roofs, and flexible concrete overlays flat roofs. Engineered lumber and TJI joists support roof decks designed for extensive green-roof plantings.

The homestead uses a fraction of its monthly Montecito Water District allocation. Water-conserving appliances and fixtures reduce municipal water needs. Ornamental landscaping tolerates drought. Rainwater percolates into pervious patios, gardens, and orchards. A decades-reliable private well supplies water-efficient irrigation. Onsite composting of green waste yields water-retaining mulch.

Make this your own modern green home. The house interior is ready for you to complete to your preferences. Imagine. Create. Enjoy.