This is a rework of alpine-2 by Danny Schellhammer.  With his approval I've lessened a dangerous bump at the top of the first hill, but otherwise its design is unchanged - its the scenery that I've spent way too many hours trying to perfect :)

To install on Windows, extract the contents of the zip file into your torcs-1.3.0/tracks/road directory.  On Linux, assuming your TORCS is in the default location, extract the zip to /usr/local/share/games/torcs/tracks/road.

Download: (9,476,998 bytes)

A rework of the existing TORCS "e-track-6" by Eric Espie.  The track itself behaves exactly the same - this update has new textures and trackside scenery.  I did some experimentation with painting textures on the shadow image (I initially explored that method with dirt-3) and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Download: 11,020,887 bytes

Based loosely on the Monza circuit, this is a very fast track that's quite easy to drive ... but not too wide and therefore tricky to race on.  The track incorporates many elements of an old SCGT track by William Butler and Sean Stafford.

Download: 13,732,067 btyes

A conversion of a track originally developed for the game SBK2001 by "Milestone".  I've redesigned the layout to match satellite imagery of the current circuit and tried to match camber and elevation changes to various written descriptions (I'm too far away to visit the track in person).

This track is easy to drive at a moderate pace but quite difficult when you really try to get some speed up.  There's fast off-camber sweepers that punish any errors, several bends that get tighter as they progress and some blind corners (including the treacherous chicane).  Its quite a nice track to look at as well :)

Download: (6,615,943 bytes)

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